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Sheriff Blotter

Multiple reports were made of drivers hitting animals on country roads and Interstate 80 late at night. Drivers are reminded to be aware of animal crossings and drive cautiously.

July 11

A coyote was reportedly seen near Redstone Towne Center in the Basin, deputies were unable to locate the animal.

A woman in the Basin said a man wearing a suit and tie came to her door around 2 p.m. and seemed not right. She closed the door on him but was unsure if he left on foot or if he had a vehicle.

A motorcyclist hit a deer around 10 p.m. on 1-80 near the top of Parleys Summit. The motorcyclist suffered minor injuries.

July 12

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A male transient with a shopping cart refused to leave McDonald’s property in the Basin and was reportedly harassing employees about not letting him walk through the drive-through.

A woman in the Basin reported that a car almost hit her in the Wal-Mart parking lot and she thinks she knows who was driving the car.

A group of kids were reportedly climbing the light poles in Redstone Towne Center shortly after midnight.

July 13

A South Summit resident said her neighbor’s children were causing mischief in her yard and threw a pot at her front door.

A woman in the Basin said she saw a man standing near her driveway near a trail. When he saw her he walked away into the sagebrush.

July 14

A man in the Basin said one of the traffic lights takes too long to turn green. The woman in the car in front of him had to get out and push the crosswalk button after five minutes to turn the light.

A Basin resident reported that for the past four days there has been a man who looks out of place hanging out near the Blue Roof.

A report was made that a man renting a condo near Bear Hollow in the Basin was violating HOA rules and driving a large red golf cart around.

A young driver hit a mailbox along Meadows Drive in the Basin around 8:30 p.m. The driver did not stop and had music playing loudly.

July 15

Deputies received reports that kids had put basketball-sized rocks in the middle of Starview Drive in the Basin and dragged an old wagon into another street.

A landslide in North Summit was reported to be partially blocking Chalk Creek Road.

July 16

A woman in the Basin called deputies to report that her daughter’s boyfriend was refusing to return her washer and dryer.

Two North Summit residents got into a verbal argument when one was lighting off fireworks and scared his neighbor’s horses, causing them to run through the fence.

July 17

A woman in the Basin reported that her dogs were barking at the windows which made her think someone was trying to break in.

A male and female in North Summit were reportedly loudly arguing. The male got locked out and tried to climb up the balcony to enter the premise.

A woman asked deputies to check on her son because she had not heard from him since Mother’s Day. Upon checking, deputies found the man had been incarcerated.

A male robbed a store at the Tanger Outlets in the Basin. The suspect threatened a security guard and punched him in the face before leaving in a blue Kia.