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Sheriff Report

July 18

A South Summit resident reported that his vehicle and house had been egged four times.

Approximately $2,400 worth of fire alarm equipment was reportedly stolen from the Canyon Creek Club in the Basin around 4 p.m.

A woman in the Basin reported that her house in Promontory is listed as for sale on Craigslist by someone she does not know.

July 19

A caller reported that a large tree fell over in South Summit half a mile off State Road 32 and was partially blocking the road.

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A car stalled at 7:49 p.m. in the round-about in the Basin in front of the Tanger Outlets and was blocking traffic. A tow-truck was on its way.

A crashed vehicle was seen on the side of the road in South Summit near North Woodenshoe Lane at 11 p.m. The driver was found walking eastbound toward S.R. 32.

July 20

A man in the Basin reported that his daughter’s boyfriend was trying to get her to leave with him. The father confronted the boyfriend and tried to run him down in his car.

A woman in North Summit said her husband was trapped above unstable ground and she was concerned that the ground might give way.

A red sedan with Utah plates drove away without paying for $45 worth of gas in North Summit.

A woman reported that her friend was lost in Round Valley. She had water but was not answering her cell phone anymore.

July 21

A car was stopped in the Basin near Silver Creek Road driving in the wrong lane.

A store in the Basin reported a woman was yelling obscenities and threatening the store manager.

A brown Ford Explorer was found in South Summit with a ‘help’ sign in the window but no one was around.

July 22

A caller in the Basin reported seeing a gray truck pulling a camper clip a Subaru and then continue driving.

Multiple calls were received around 11 p.m. reporting a truck was pulling a boat with several people in it on Interstate 80 in the Basin. The truck and boat had no lights on.

July 23

A motorcyclist hit a roadwork sign on Interstate 80 in the Basin and then fled on foot around 10 a.m. The man was wearing Hells Angel’s gear and had California plates.

A 60-year old woman walked out of a bar in South Summit at 5:45 p.m. and said she did not have money for a cab and was going to walk to Salt Lake City. The caller was concerned for her safety and said she seemed intoxicated and disoriented.

July 24

A man in the Basin reported that a camper was parked on a hillside and running a generator. The man said the area is not zoned for camping and he wanted deputies to check it out.

A woman in South Summit said there is a man on her back porch with a golf bag blocking his face and he refused to leave or respond to her.