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More mailboxes smashed in Summit Park area

In last week’s Sheriff Report, deputies responded to several smashed mailboxes in the Summit Park area on Saturday, Nov. 3. The deputies found two broken vehicle windows and smashed mailboxes with similar markings. The deputies spoke with the victims but there is no information on the suspects, as of Monday, Nov. 5.

Though a similar incident occurred in the same area on Aug. 29, Summit County Sheriff’s Office Sgt. Ron Bridge said the two incidents are not connected. In the previous case, a golf club was used to smash mailboxes and other property. Deputies located the suspect who confessed to the crime and provided details.

In other news, a motorcyclist was cited on Monday, Nov. 5, for driving recklessly on S.R. 248, as well as for having no insurance and driving with a revoked registration.

The tires on a construction vehicle in the Basin were slashed. There were no suspects, as of Tuesday, Nov. 7.

A semi-truck drifted off a Coalville Road and rolled onto its side. The driver sustained minor head, arm and head injuries and was transported by ambulance to the Park City Medical Center. About 60 of the 285 sheep being transported died in the crash.

Two men illegally soliciting magazines in Summit Park were booked into jail.

Deputies responded on Sunday, Nov. 4, to a report that a vehicle had driven off a cliff on Lower River Road. Deputies contacted the driver and found he had been driving under the influence. He was placed under arrest and transported to the Summit County Jail.

A Snyderville Basin couple reported their female teenager as a runaway. She snuck out of the house on Friday, Nov. 2 and is thought to be in the company of an adult male. Deputies had not been able to contact her as of Monday, Nov. 5. She was listed on the National Crime Information Center as a runaway.

On Saturday, Nov. 3, deputies responded to a domestic dispute in a Kimball Junction parking lot. A man and his girlfriend were allegedly having an altercation, which frightened a patron. When the deputy arrived, the man was intoxicated, disorderly and failed to follow the deputies’ commands. The girlfriend had a warrant for her arrest, so she was taken into custody. The man resisted arrest but was booked into jail for several charges.

A driver was arrested on I-80 for traffic-related charges after being stopped for insurance verification. The passenger was arrested for a warrant. During the arrest, a glass pipe was located. A search of the vehicle revealed marijuana, a pipe and methamphetamine. The passenger claimed possession of both the drugs and the paraphernalia.

A man reported that someone had allegedly pulled the radio out of his dashboard and left it on the floor of his car. There was no damage to his car or radio, and the radio still worked. He requested extra patrols of the area.

An unregistered iPod was found at a North Summit County park.

On Friday, Nov. 2, a West Summit County man was called by a neighbor who informed him his shed door was open. When the complainant arrived at his cabin, he found tools missing from the shed. The suspect also allegedly climbed through an unlocked window to the cabin and took numerous tools.

A South Summit County male found his stove had been stolen from his garage. Another complainant reported a washer and dryer stolen after a tenant moved out. The deputy located the ex-tenant and questioned her about the stolen items. The deputy found the items listed for sale online with the suspect listed as the contact for the sale. She was booked into jail and the stolen property was recovered and returned to the owners.

On Thursday, Nov. 1, an unknown vehicle crashed into a ranch gate in Weber Canyon. The driver fled the scene.

Deputies responded to a possible domestic dispute call at an I-80 rest stop. Deputies searched the vehicle and found methamphetamine, marijuana, drug paraphernalia and prescription drugs. The driver provided the deputy with false information. He was identified by a Los Angeles County Jail booking photograph. The driver and passenger were arrested and transported to jail.

A male was arrested in South Summit County for an outstanding warrant. He was transported and booked to jail for the warrant.

A female went missing en route to LDS Hospital but never arrived. The taxi reportedly dropped her off at the Fashion Place Mall area. Deputies pinged her phone and showed her phone in the same area, but deputies were unable to reach her. She was listed on the National Crime Information Center.

On Wednesday, Oct. 31, a vehicle was stopped for a traffic offense on I-80. The detective smelled marijuana, after which a search revealed marijuana and drug paraphernalia.

Deputies responded to a trespass call at a store in Kimball Junction. They found a man sitting at the dining tables outside. He was arrested for criminal trespass and an active warrant.

A car was allegedly burglarized at a hotel in Kimball Junction sometime during the night. The suspect had broken the rear passenger’s side window and took several items, including luggage containing jewelry and an expensive coat.

After a car was stopped for an equipment violation in West Summit County, deputies discovered the driver had a revoked driver license and did not have an ignition interlock device as required. He was arrested for the violations and booked into jail.

A traffic stop on S.R. 224 revealed the passenger had an active warrant for $25,000. He was arrested and transported to the Summit County Jail.

On Tuesday, Oct. 30, a suspect driving a dark blue SUV allegedly took numerous tools from an address in South Summit County. There are no suspects.

Sometime between Oct. 23 and Oct. 29, an unknown suspect allegedly took $3,500 out of a filing cabinet in the Kimball Junction area. There are no suspects.

Following a traffic stop for illegal lane travel on S.R. 225, the deputy smelled marijuana emanating from the vehicle. A probable cause search of the vehicle revealed marijuana and several drug paraphernalia items. The driver also had a warrant. The driver and passenger were both booked into jail.

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