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Man overturns vehicle while speeding in snowstorm

In last week’s Sheriff’s Report, a man lost control of his vehicle in Weber Canyon on Friday, Nov. 9, due to speed and snowy conditions. His vehicle ran up the hillside embankment and overturned. The driver was checked by Emergency Medical Services and released.

In other news, a woman pulled her vehicle over on Brown’s Canyon Road on Sunday, Nov. 11, and flagged down a Wasatch County deputy after getting into an argument with her adult son. The deputy determined no crime had occurred.

A man was found deceased in his South Summit residence. Deputies determined the circumstances were not suspicious, as he was elderly and had terminal cancer.

A vehicle was found high centered on a rock in Kimball Junction. Deputies found the driver a short time later and cited him for failing to remain at the scene of an accident.

On Saturday, Nov. 10, a 13 year-old in the Basin told a deputy her mother had hurt her. She stated she was trying to leave home because she did not want to be there anymore. The case was still under investigation, as of Sunday.

Two chairs and a washer and dryer were reported stolen from a shed in the Snyderville Basin. There were no suspects as of Sunday.

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An overturned vehicle was found in Summit Park. Deputies attempted to contact the owner, but there was no phone listing and no one would respond at the residence.

A complainant said an unknown suspect had shot out the rear side window of her vehicle as she drove by a Snyderville Basin Apartment building. The damage appears to have been caused by a BB gun and no firing point could be determined.

On Friday, Nov. 9, an altercation occurred outside a Snyderville Basin store. This is the second incident between the two individuals and the victim was attempting to obtain a civil stalking injunction.

A vehicle was stopped on I-80 for no insurance. The deputy cited the driver and found the passenger to have warrants for his arrest. The passenger was arrested and transported to jail.

Four students in South Summit were found trespassing on school property. They were referred to juvenile court and another adult female was cited for contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

A Kimball Junction employee was booked into jail after admitting to taking products from the store over a two-week period.

Deputies responded to an assault involving juveniles in Snyderville Basin. Deputies met with the complainant and his father concerning the incident, and then attempted to contact the suspect, who refused to cooperate or speak to the deputies. Multiple witnesses were contacted and completed statements. The case has been referred to the Summit County Attorney’s Office for further review.

A man in a Tanger Outlet store switched his shoes with a new pair in a box. A foot chase ensued when a store employee confronted the suspect, but the employee lost him at the nearby condominiums.

Park City Transit reported an intoxicated and disruptive passenger on board a bus in Summit Park. The suspect had gotten off the bus prior to the arrival of the deputies but was quickly located nearby and taken into custody. He is known to regularly utilize the bus system while intoxicated and has several previous arrests for similar behavior.

On Thursday, Nov. 8, someone broke into a car in the Snyderville Basin and took several items.

Deputies responded to a body found under a porch in Summit Park. The complainant did not know if the body was alive or deceased. Deputies were able to wake the individual, who came out from under the porch. The complainant did not want the individual charged with a crime, only to leave. Deputies directed the individual to leave and not come back.

Deputies responded to a hunting lodge in the east side of the county. The owners had fired their cook, who was coming to pick up his belongings. The owners were concerned about a confrontation. After the man had collected his belongings, deputies directed him to not return to the property.

The Park City Fire District called in a possible child abuse case in North Summit, after they witnessed possible scars on a four-year-old’s back. The Department of Child and Family Serves made a welfare check with the deputies. The child was checked closely for any marks and scars, and none were present. There were several faint marks from a dog scratch on her back. No abuse claims were substantiated and the case was closed.

On Wednesday, Nov. 7, deputies made contact with an individual at Kimball Junction and discovered he had a 10,000 warrant for possession of a controlled substance. The individual was arrested and booked into the Summit County Jail.

On Tuesday, Nov. 6, a suspect broke out the window of a van in Summit Park and went through it. Nothing was stolen, and there were no suspects as of Thursday, Nov. 8.

A suspect stole a laptop off the kitchen counter of a Snyderville Basin home, which had been left unlocked. There were no suspects as of Thursday, Nov. 8.