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Sheriff Report


Four vehicles were stolen this week, one from Coalville and three from the Basin in Highland Estates, Bear Hollow and North Shore neighborhoods. So far none of the vehicles have been recovered and investigations are still ongoing. Deputies are reminding residents to make sure vehicles are locked overnight and keys are not kept in them. All four vehicles that were stolen had the keys inside.

June 20

A North Summit caller said he saw a red Toyota Solara pass him going over 100 mph around Henefer Canyon. When the caller came around a turn he saw skid marks and the Toyota in the median with the driver walking around it.

A Basin resident complained of a silver Audi driving very fast in the neighborhood that almost hit some walkers. Later the Audi drove by him again and flipped him off. The car had no front or back license plates.

June 21

A woman in the Basin reported that she had locked herself out of her house and her father and grandfather were inside and asleep. She said she is afraid to ring the doorbell because then she will get punched in the face.

A caller reported that a 55-year-old female had been thrown from her horse in North Summit and may have suffered injuries to her back. She was conscious and breathing.

In North Summit, people in a white Dodge pickup truck with a trailer parked in front of a resident’s private property and launched their kayaks into the river. The resident said she warned them that they were trespassing but they ignored her.

June 22

A South Summit resident complained that his neighbors were being very noisy and working on their derby cars at all hours of the night. The caller requested more information about the noise ordinance and unregistered cars on the property.

A North Summit woman reported that a car was parked in her driveway on Tollgate Canyon Road and she has had frequent problems with trespassers, including having her gate broken in the past.

June 23

A North Summit resident reported that his keys were missing out of his vehicle. He claimed his ex-wife took them.

Four male teenagers were reportedly standing on top of a playground in the Basin and hitting golf balls in the Willow Creek Park.

A Basin woman said she is a waitress at a restaurant near Kimball Junction and a fellow male employee had been harassing her. She said she reported it to the owners but they threatened to fire her.

June 24

A man in the Basin said the children that live next door come to his house late at night and push on his screen windows, knocking things over. He said he has talked to the children’s parents about it but they have not done anything.

A man was reported for loitering in a Basin convenience store a few times a week. He wears a leather jacket and has hearing aids in both ears. The caller said the man is overly-friendly and he is concerned about the children in the neighborhood.

A moose was seen near Quarry Village in the Basin walking toward Interstate 80. The caller said the moose appeared spooked and was concerned about it crossing the Interstate.

A Basin Woman reported seeing two young men fishing in a creek at the Swaner Nature Preserve.

June 25

A mini-campsite was found in the Basin near the Utah Olympic Park. A caller reported seeing a fire pit and two sleeping bags right in the middle of the trailhead and about half a mile away from houses.

Two boys were reported for skateboarding on Glenwild Drive in the Basin. When they were asked to leave by residents they refused.

A North Summit resident reported a gathering beginning to take place around 11 p.m. in a parking lot. The caller suspected they were going to have a party there.

June 26

A man in the Basin said his mountain bike was stolen from his garage overnight.

June 27

A Basin resident reported that a yellow Convertible Corvette was speeding up and down Bear Hollow at 6:15 p.m. driving around 90 mph. Deputies were unable to find the vehicle.

A truck driver in the Basin called dispatch saying he was going to lose the load he was carrying on his flatbed. Dispatch was unable to get more information because the caller just kept yelling into the speaker phone.


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