Sheriff’s deputies take to the air |

Sheriff’s deputies take to the air

Sarah Moffitt, Of The Record Staff

Its a bird, its a plane, its the Summit County Sheriff’s department trying to post notices at 10,000 feet. On Thursday, two deputies borrowed a helicopter from the Department of Public Safety and flew above the Canyons Ski Resort in order to adhere to Utah State Law requiring them to post notices regarding certain civil court proceedings.

The Sheriff’s office had to post the notices within the boundaries of the disputed area involved in the court proceeding. This particular case, involving ASC and Wolf Mountain, is located at the top of the Canyons Ski Resort. With the avalanche risk too great for deputies to snowmobile, ski, or hike into the area, a helicopter was the only way.

"As far as we know this has never been done in Utah before," said Summit County Sergeant Ron Bridge. "It is just another way of conducting business and thinking outside of the box."

Inmates filled sandbags which were then attached with the notices. Due to the weight of the sandbags, only two deputies were able to accompany the helicopter and drop the notices. Of 50 notices that were posted, 17 were done by air. "This task was definitely out of the norm for the Sheriff department," said Bridge.

The Sheriff’s Office can charge those involved in the lawsuit with the cost of posting notices, keeping the burden off of taxpayers.

View Legal notices posted above Canyons Ski Resort in a larger map


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