Sheriff’s Report |

Sheriff’s Report


Multiple reports were made to the Summit County Dispatch Center last week reporting semi-trucks that were unable to maintain their lane of travel due to icy road conditions or decreased visibility. Other calls that reports that were received include:

November 21

A resident in North Summit reported a purple vehicle struck her car and the driver fled the scene.

A Basin resident reported his car had been towed in June and when he returned to town last week and went to retrieve it, the car’s title had been transferred to the towing company.

A Basin resident reported her home had been burglarized while she was out of town. She reported missing ‘an enormous amount of jewelry, a bike, television and furniture.’

November 22

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A resident reported a suspicious looking male in a dark sweatshirt carrying a gas can and asking for help in the Basin.

A woman in Quarry Village reported almost being struck by another vehicle while trying to put items in her car.

A Basin resident reported hearing three male voices coming from inside the barn on her property.

November 23

A resident in the Basin reported a large tractor was on fire on Rasmussen Road.

A Basin resident reported seeing large footprints around his house that appeared to lead up to every window.

A Basin resident reported a female stole his fanny pack containing his identification and money and may have stolen his car from his house. He said he had just met the woman and did not know her name.

November 24

A Basin resident reported seeing someone snowmobiling near the water tank.

A Basin resident reported her neighbors were having a party and making excessive noise.

November 25

A resident in the Basin reported seeing a small sleeping child left unattended in a vehicle in the Tanger Outlet Mall parking lot.

A Basin resident reported her 18-year-old son refused to go to school and she wanted to know what she could do to force him to attend.

A South Summit resident reported a vehicle that was pulling two snowmobiles appeared to have two poached deers in the back of the truck.

November 26

A Basin resident reported an adult and two children who were standing near Old Ranch Road with lasers and he suspected they were imitating police officers to intimidate drivers.

A resident reported her Cadillac Escalade had been stolen from the Basin after she left it unattended for 20 minutes with the keys in the ignition.

A pedestrian was struck by a vehicle at the Tanger Outlet Mall. The pedestrian was alert but complaining of knee pain.

A Basin resident reported his co-worker’s ex-boyfriend had created a page for him on a gay dating website and he was receiving unwanted emails.

A Basin resident reported he drove away with his wallet on top of his vehicle that contained over $1,000 in cash.

November 27

A Basin resident reported her car slid off Jeremy Ranch Road and she was afraid if she moved the car would roll into the stream.