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Sheriff’s Report


The Summit County Dispatch Center received multiple reports this week of drivers traveling in the emergency lane on State Road 224 northbound to bypass traffic. Callers reported vehicles partially blocking the emergency lane to prevent motorists from traveling in it and drivers were beginning to get angry. Other calls received include:

December 5

A man in North Summit accidentally discharged his hunting rifle in his hotel room in Coalville, lodging a bullet in the wall. The man was charged with discharging a firearm within 600 feet of a business.

A person in South Summit reported someone broke into their business and stole fuel overnight.

A caller in the Basin reported that a vehicle almost hit a gas pump and two other vehicles while leaving Bell’s Gas Station. The vehicle then reportedly ran a red light and headed eastbound on U.S. 40.

A South Summit resident reported that at 10:45 a.m., a tan van with a male and female inside pulled alongside his son and began threatening him and his friends before driving away.

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A caller in South Summit reported her ex-boyfriend stole her dog, a Chihuahua mix. The caller said she drove around Kamas looking for her boyfriend and her dog but was unable to find them.

December 6

A Basin resident reported a gold Dodge Caravan had been parked in a Redstone parking lot for two weeks and had the taillights broken out.

A school in Kamas reported that a student who was on the campus was listed as a runaway by her parents in her home state.

December 7

Two horses were reportedly loose and running alongside Interstate 84 in North Summit.

A manager of a store in South Summit reported that two males came inside the store and began taking photos while one male stayed outside. He was unable to provide a description of the men or their vehicle.

December 8

A Basin resident reported a fire hydrant appeared to be cracked and was leaking water in Jeremy Ranch. Summit Water was notified.

A caller reported a semi-truck failed to stop at the port station scales in Coalville on Interstate 80 headed westbound.

December 9

A Basin resident reported an employee stole some equipment, including a paint sprayer, which the employee took to a pawn shop. According to the caller, the employee has a drug problem and admitted to taking some of the items.

A caller in the Basin reported seeing a male and female fighting near a gas station on State Road 224. The caller said he saw the male pick up the female and throw her into a van.

A Basin resident reported the residents who live above him were smoking marijuana and the smell was drifting into his apartment.

A caller in the Basin reported he was in the McDonalds drive-through and the woman in the vehicle behind him was tailgating him and almost rear-ended his vehicle.

A Basin resident reported a male shoplifted a BB gun from his store.

December 10

A North Summit resident reported someone entered her garage and hit her son’s car with a bat.

A bow hunter was reported near Quarry Mountain in the Basin.

Two separate vehicle accidents were reported in front of the Walmart in the Basin.

December 11

A vehicle hit-and-run incident was reported in North Summit at 1 a.m. The caller said a Ford F-150 hit his Chrysler sedan and continued driving on Old Echo Dam Road towards Henefer.

A Basin resident reported a mountain bike was stolen from her house.

A South Summit resident reported she went over to a neighbor’s house to apologize for her dog being in their yard and her neighbor grabbed her by her arm and pushed her several times.