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Sheriff’s Report


Multiple calls were made to the Summit County Dispatch Center last week reporting slow traffic and people partially blocking the road on State Road 224 because drivers were watching a mother and baby moose eating near the McPolin Barn. Other calls received by the dispatch center include:

December 12

A North Summit resident reported a hit and run because a tree near his property appeared to be damaged.

A Basin resident reported a moving van was parked in front of her house and people kept knocking on her door saying they were there to move her furniture. She said she did not call a moving truck and was not moving.

A Basin resident reported a female who smelled of alcohol was sleeping in the hallway of an apartment building at 8:43 p.m.

December 13

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A South Summit resident reported two males that appeared to be walking across Echo Reservoir on thin ice and she was concerned for their safety. Deputies reported that the two men were ice fishing.

A Basin resident reported a black Chevy Suburban that was driving recklessly and swerving in the Whole Food’s parking lot.

A North Summit resident reported that while he was away with the military he allowed his friend to use his vehicle. His friend was pulled over while driving the vehicle and arrested on outstanding warrants. The vehicle was sold by the towing company and the resident wanted to find out how to get back.

December 14

A Basin resident reported a white Cadillac Escalade had run a four-way stop in the Jeremy Ranch neighborhood many times and had almost caused numerous accidents.

A Basin resident reported his house was egged at 3:30 a.m.

A South Summit resident reported that people were shooting at ducks from their vehicles.

A fire was reported in South Summit near Oakley. The residents of the house said they had lit a fire in the fireplace and it was just emitting a lot of smoke.

A caller in the Basin reported picking up a motorist whose vehicle had broken down at 3:45 p.m. He drove the man to get gas and then called dispatch to report that the man appeared to be heavily intoxicated.

A Basin resident reported his laptop appeared to have been stolen. He said his house was under construction and workers had been in and out.

December 15

A Basin resident requested medical help after a 21-year-old male fell off a roof.

A North Summit resident reported an unusually large amount of traffic on a back road in Coalville and thought it could be drug related.

A Basin resident reported hearing the front door open and believed someone had entered his house.

December 16

At 12 a.m. a Basin resident reported that her daughter had gone to bed around 10 p.m. and was now missing. The teenager returned home the following afternoon and was reportedly out with friends.

A South Summit resident reported that she had just found her son smoking marijuana in the bathroom and wanted officers to come and speak with him.

An older man was reportedly hitchhiking in the Basin near Kimball Junction.

December 17

A South Summit resident reported a hearing a neighbor’s dog barking at 12 a.m. and was concerned that it might be too cold for a dog to be outside.

A driver in the Basin reported a vehicle was swerving all over the road because the driver was texting while operating the vehicle.

A resident in the Basin reported his 10-foot-long enclosed trailer had been stolen.

A Basin resident reported a male was illegally selling puppies near the Smith’s Food and Drug. When the deputy asked why the caller thought it was illegal, the caller responded that it was because "He is a country-looking guy wearing flannel."

A small brush fire was reported at 5 p.m. in Coalville near the intersection of Interstate 80 and Judd Lane.

A Basin resident reported two males appeared to be using drugs in a white Subaru Outback. Deputies said they found multiple vehicles that matched the description and were unable to locate anyone using drugs.

A Basin resident who deputies described as "irate" demanded that a deputy go to her house and let her son in because he was locked out and she was currently being issued a speeding ticket.

December 18

A Basin resident reported being threatened by his ex-employer. The man told deputies his old employer keeps saying he will annihilate him.

A fight was reported at the Basin Recreation Field House in the Basin between two players. A referee attempted to break up the fight and was hit.