Sheriff’s Report |

Sheriff’s Report

April 25

A baby moose without a mother was reported in a Silver Springs back yard.

A caller complained of a man soliciting money with a gas can.

A Basin woman said she was charged mysterious fees after applying for an online loan.

Patio furniture worth a few hundred dollars was reported stolen in Pinebrook.

A caller complained of loud neighbors near Silver Creek.

A South Summit woman complained of upstairs neighbors yelling and getting physical in a fight.

April 26

A Basin woman thought someone was cutting into her phone system to rob her.

A man realized his truck had been missing for a few days after his girlfriend pointed out it was not in his garage. The owner had left keys in the glove box.

A Basin resident asked the deputies to give his son a breathalyzer test.

A caller reported an upside-down Subaru on the side of the road at 7 a.m.

A Manhole cover was reported missing from a Newpark street.

Deputies were asked to confront kids on four-wheel vehicles in North Summit for "tearing up the road" and "pushing dirt" onto the caller’s driveway.

April 27

A North Summit woman called the Sheriff’s Office saying her boyfriend was trying to break into her home. Earlier he had slammed her against a wall during a fight with her young children in the home.

A caller near Trailside complained of tax identification fraud.

A woman said her daughter lost a phone at a Kimball Junction business. The person who found the phone was texting the daughter wanting a reward for the return of the phone.

A North Summit woman told deputies a neighbor was harassing her children.

Deputies could not get a woman to stay on the telephone line because she was involved in a family fight.

April 28

A resident called deputies about three moose in a backyard heading towards the highway.

A woman complained of a Ford Taurus flashing blue and red lights at her for driving too slow on U.S. 40. She did not believe the driver was a police officer.

Tools were stolen from a work site including an air compressor, nail gun and wire.

A landlord in North Summit shut off power to his tenant for not paying rent.

Two dogs in the Basin were quarantined.

A caller reported three moose trying to cross a road.

April 29

A woman called deputies at about 9: 30 p.m. afraid there was an intruder in her home.

A woman told deputies she was afraid her ex-husband was trying to access her bank account.

Two girls were reported missing.

A Kimball Junction shopper reported two teenagers smoking marijuana in a parking garage.

A different Kimball Junction shopper reported his and four other vehicles in a parking garage were covered in diapers.

A landlord-tenant dispute with lots of yelling in Oakley was reported.

Deputies responded to a DUI call in which a vehicle had slid off the road and a five-year-old girl was bleeding from the head.

A Kimball Junction resident said items had been stolen out of her residence.

April 30

A vehicle parked at the bottom of Tollgate Canyon was reported vandalized and had all four tires stolen.

An injured hawk was found.

A North Summit resident reported receiving threatening phone calls from an unknown caller.

Two moose were reported standing near I-80.

May 1

A North Summit man told deputies "his son has his car and is hiding at a home and will not come to the door."

A North Summit woman told deputies she sent money to someone in Mexico thinking it was her grandson.

A hot air balloon with five passengers was forced to take an emergency landing near Thayne’s Canyon.

A homeowner called deputies to announce he was evicting a man from his residence.

A driver rolled a Chevy Silverado in South Summit suffering only cuts and abrasions.

Teenagers were reported trespassing at a Kimball Junction condominium complex’s club house.

A homeowner reported a BMW drove up into his yard.

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