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Sheriff’s Report

Woman threatened by man professing to be hit man

On Tuesday Aug. 28, a deputy performed a registration check on a car on Uinta Way and discovered the owner had an active warrant for his arrest. The deputy contacted the driver, arrested him and transported him to jail.

A woman pulled over on Wild Willow Drive by deputies had an active warrant for her arrest in Iron County for failing to pay a $302 citation. She was arrested and booked into the Summit County jail.

A car on SR 224 in Silver Springs was discovered to have an expired registration. The driver was cited and the car impounded.

A woman was pulled over on I-80 East for speeding. She was asked to step out of the car for the canine sniff, at which point she admitted she had marijuana and a pipe under her seat. She was arrested on possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia charges.

Also, on Tuesday night, a Salt Lake City Utah Highway Patrol dropped a transient off in the Summit County jurisdiction who was found to be too intoxicated to care for himself.

On Wednesday Aug. 29, a search warrant performed on a car in the Stagecoach/Buckboard area revealed a golf club that was used in a Pinebrook crime. The golf club was compared to the damaged property in Pinebrook where several mailboxes were smashed. When the golf club owner was shown the photographs, he confessed and provided details on the event.

A prescription fraud incident was reported on Landmark Drive on Wednesday night and deputies were given suspect information. Deputies studied the video surveillance and contact was made with the suspect, who admitted to changing dosages on two prescriptions and was consequently arrested.

A man left his car parked in Newpark Boulevard with the windows slightly down and the car doors possibly unlocked. When he returned a short time later, his backpack with a MacBook laptop, external hard drive and notebook were missing. There is no suspect information.

Deputies responded to a family fight after those arguing called the Sheriff’s office themselves after a verbal argument to let them know that no alcohol or weapons were involved, in case neighbors had called in. When deputies arrived, they confirmed everything was OK.

On Thursday Aug. 30, someone received a phone call from a man who said he’d been hired to kill them. He knew the resident’s birth date, address and full name. When investigated, his number was found to come from a Virginian landline. The incident is still under investigation.

A store on Landmark Drive reported receiving counterfeit money, but had no surveillance video or photos of the suspect. They had two counterfeit $100 bills and nine counterfeit $20 bills.

A man turned himself into the Sheriff’s office for a warrant. After verifying the warrant, the deputy helped the man with the "turn in" process.

A man stole a company credit card on Bitner Ranch Road, spending $764 on gas and food without permission. After being confronted, he did not return phone calls or show up for work. A local fast food restaurant is providing surveillance video of him making a purchase.

On Thursday night, a construction works vehicle was hit while parked on Remington Lane, possibly by a dump truck. Deputies attempted to contact the business owner but the owner was out of town, so deputies will be following up on the case.

A car on S.R. 224 was impounded and another issued a citation for traffic violations.

On Friday Aug. 31, a Kamas resident discovered his housekeeper had stolen his checkbook and written checks to herself forging his name, stealing $1100. When she was confronted she confessed to the check forgeries. Instead of involving law enforcement further, the resident opted for a mutual agreement with the housekeeper and her mother to repay the money.

A driver was stopped on Silvercreek Drive and North Pace Frontage Road for registration violations. The driver then provided a false name and Social Security number to the deputy. With the help of Unified Police Department, his real identity was discovered, along with his two felony and one misdemeanor warrants. He was arrested and booked into jail.

On Friday night, someone witnessed some kids get out of a car at Trailside Park with a portable electronic piano, which they smashed into the ground. The witness attempted to take pictures of the license plate but was unsuccessful. Deputies cleaned up the litter and looked up the reported license plate number but it was not found and there are no suspects.

A teen at a Kilby Road apartment complex said another teen came over to the playground where he was, threatened to beat him up, pushed him and walked away.

After a deputy pulled a man over on S.R. 248 for speeding on Saturday Sept. 1, he discovered the driver had a fake Social Security card. The driver had never obtained a driver’s license, had no identification and did not know his local address. He was arrested and booked into the Summit County jail for unlawful possession of identification and multiple traffic violations.

On Saturday night, a man was arrested and booked into jail for DUI after weaving in his lane on S.R. 40. Another car missed a curve on Echo Damn Road and left the road. The driver and child had minor injuries.

A car was stopped on I-80 East for speeding on Sunday Sept. 2. The driver and passengers were asked to step out of the car so the canine could do a search. The dog alerted deputies to the passenger and driver doors of the car, where three baggies of methamphetamine and unidentified pills were found. Two women were arrested for possession.

Another car was stopped for speeding on I-80 eastbound and the driver was asked out of the car for a canine sniff. The dog alerted deputies to the trunk area where a large metal container filled with drywall mud also contained a bag of marijuana. Deputies found three pounds of marijuana in the car and arrested the driver for possession of felony amounts of marijuana.

A driver was stopped on I-80 eastbound for faulty brake lights, and was discovered to have multiple warrants from the Salt Lake City Justice Court. He was arrested and his car towed.

A man reportedly approached a six-year-old on Sunday night at an apartment complex in Kamas, asking to trade a necklace for the one she was wearing. When she said no, the man took the necklace and ran. Deputies have not been able to locate the man.

A deputy stopped a driver on I-84 for lane travel violation and discovered the driver had open containers of alcohol in the car. He was arrested and booked on two outstanding warrants and for the open containers.

While patrolling the Coalville and Echo Reservoir areas, a deputy saw a fire on the North Echo Beach with two men passing a glass pipe with marijuana between them. When confronted, one of the men threw the pipe, telling the deputy, "Good luck finding it." The two men were arrested on drug related charges and a third man was arrested on an unrelated warrant.

A woman called saying her son left home about 11 p.m. and did not return. He had left upset because of the discipline his father had given him. He has still not returned at this time and is considered a runaway juvenile.

Deputies followed up on the credit card theft on Monday Sept. 3 after viewing the fast food restaurant’s surveillance video. After the man was identified, the Wasatch County Sheriff’s Office responded at his house and took him into custody. During an interview, the man admitted to using the credit card without permission and was booked into the Summit County Jail.

A man parked his car in the Ranch Place subdivision and left his windows rolled down over night. When he came back to the car the next morning, the center console was open and his wallet was missing. There is no suspect information.

While shopping at the Tanger Outlet Center, a woman left her open and unzipped purse dangling on her baby stroller. Someone grabbed her wallet from the purse and ran. A heavyset 50-year-old man with short grey hair was standing near the stroller at the time of the theft and is considered a possible suspect.

A car with Idaho plates has been sitting in a store parking lot for almost a month. After the owner was contacted, the store agreed to let her disabled car stay for another week.

A bike was stolen from a garage in the Back Nine subdivision sometime in the last three days. The bike is a customized white Tarmac frame with purple pinstripes. The pedals are white and in a lollipop shape. There are currently no suspects.

A man with a protective order requested deputies accompany him to his wife’s house to pick up his belongings, which included firearms, ammunition and other firearm related items. His wife said it was OK to come home to take the items. The man’s protective order does not prevent him from possessing firearms.

The rear license plate on a woman’s car was stolen from a parking lot at the bottom of Tollgate Canyon Road. She had left the car there for two days while she was visiting her parents’ house.

An accident at the Tanger Outlet Center blocked the main entrance, creating a traffic backup to Landmark Circle. A woman had attempted a left turn from the far right-hand lane and collided with the car in the left-hand lane. The woman had minor cuts from broken glass.

When deputies pulled over a car on Monday night for an equipment violation on S.R. 224, the owner of the car was discovered to have a warrant for her arrest. She was arrested and transported to jail.

A man called deputies when his roommate failed to show up at a dinner party. He had made some suicidal comments earlier in the day and had left a possible suicide note on the bed. Deputies checked several areas where they were told the missing man might be. He is likely carrying a 357 revolver with him and driving a 1997 red Ford pickup truck. Statewide law enforcement agencies have been contacted and his phone pinged, but his phone is turned off. According to the cell phone company, his last known location was near Mill Hollow in Wasatch County at around 8:30 p.m.

Deputies responded to a reported fire in Kamas. The fire was an illegal burn in a man’s backyard. He was cited for the fire.

A man in the Samak area reported his truck being stolen. He is currently in a care center and do not know when the truck was stolen or where it was stolen from. Deputies are gathering information to follow up.

Deputies responded to a noise complaint in a condominium and smelled marijuana coming from inside the unit. One of the residents admitted to possessing marijuana, and during a search the deputies found a glass pipe as well. The resident was booked in the jail for possession of marijuana, paraphernalia and a traffic warrant.

A woman called from an apartment complex saying she found two plants she suspected to be marijuana. The plants were booked into evidence.

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