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Sheriff’s Report

  • According to the Sheriff’s Report, a woman was hit on Sunday, Jan. 6 by a vehicle mirror in Kimball Junction as the suspect drove away. Statements were taken from several witnesses.
  • Deputies responded to a domestic argument in the Basin. The male was arrested and booked into jail.
  • On Friday, Jan. 4, a woman reported her employer had pushed her up against a wall, causing her to hit her head on a light.
  • A woman near Canyon’s Resort Drive was intoxicated and believed she was having a stroke. Her vehicle door was locked, so deputies forcibly opened it so she could be transported to the Park City Medical Center, where she was cited for intoxication.
  • A potential suicide was averted when deputies responded to a call in the Basin. The person was transported to the University of Utah Medical Center.
  • On Thursday, Jan. 3, a Summit Park woman reported a fraudulent check scheme. The suspect called her regarding an online ad for furniture she had posted. The suspect sent her a check for $600 more than the asking price and told her to cash the check and give him the change. When the woman went to the bank, they informed her it was a bad check.
  • A woman reported identity theft after a bank declined a loan based on a debt from 2005. She claims to not have an account from that business in her name.
  • Deputies responded to a domestic violence case near S.R. 32, where a male reportedly assaulted a female and damaged the home. He was arrested for domestic violence and was booked into the Summit County Jail.
  • An individual reported someone hit a vehicle in a Kimball Junction area parking lot, pushing it into another vehicle, which was pushed into a third vehicle.
  • A woman got into an accident near S.R. 224 but refused to report it and left the area on foot. The tow company contacted deputies, who discovered a damaged sign and tree. The vehicle was also severely damaged. The driver was located and cited for leaving the scene of an accident.
  • On Wednesday, Jan. 2, a Park City Police Department vehicle was hit by a delivery truck at a Deer Valley hotel. The police vehicle was unoccupied at the time and there were no injuries.
  • A woman reportedly left an envelope containing $900 on the kitchen counter in her Kimball Junction apartment. When she returned home after work, the envelope and cash were missing. No other items were taken or disturbed in the apartment. There were no suspects, as of Thursday, Jan. 3.
  • A Kamas man reported returning home in the afternoon to find a snowy footprint on the rug inside his home. He also found his dog inside the bedroom with the door shut. The dog had not been in the bedroom when he and his wife left his home that morning.

    He reported that someone had also moved their laptop from the coffee table to the end table in the family room. However, he and his wife did not find anything missing or stolen from their home.

  • On Tuesday, Jan. 1, deputies responded to an assist in Coalville with a combative patient who appeared to have overdosed and needed to be restrained to keep him from harming medical personnel. He was admitted to the University of Utah Medical Center.
  • A Summit Park woman reported seeing footprints in the snow all around the perimeter of her home, and requested extra patrol in her neighborhood. There were no suspects, as of Wednesday, Jan. 2.
  • A party was held in the Basin with mostly juveniles attending. Following the party, the family noticed two laptops and an iPad were missing. Deputies are contacting the party attendees.
  • A female was allegedly sexually assaulted in Summit County by an individual known to her. As of Wednesday, Jan. 2, the victim was undecided whether she wanted to pursue charges.
  • On Monday, Dec. 31, deputies responded to a domestic argument in the Basin. With the deputies’ assistance, the individuals went to separate areas of the house and agreed there would be no more issues that day.
  • An individual entered a Basin apartment office building and noticed two computers, a set of keys and three packages were stolen over the weekend. There were no suspects, as of Wednesday, Jan. 2.
  • A Basin resident reported that a vehicle had apparently swung wide at the curve in front of his home and hit two cars parked in his driveway. The rear passenger-side corner of a vehicle was struck, and the vehicle was pushed it into the vehicle parked beside it. A few small pieces of the suspect’s vehicle were left at the scene.
  • A male parked his vehicle in Wanship and was transported by a friend to New Year’s Eve activities. When he returned, he discovered both the front and back passenger side windows had been broken, though nothing inside the vehicles was disturbed and the doors were still locked.
  • While investigating the broken window incident, the deputy discovered someone had egged a nearby office. About a dozen eggs were thrown at the business and a vehicle parked out front.
  • In another report from the Kimball Junction, an individual got into an argument with another and made multiple racial slurs and spit on the victim. The suspect then struck the victim in the face with a closed fist. The suspect was arrested for intoxication, assault and disorderly conduct.
  • Deputies responded to a noise complaint in the Kimball Junction area, and smelled marijuana coming from inside the residence. They obtained a warrant and conducted a search of the residence. Numerous drug paraphernalia items were found, as well as a small amount of marijuana.

    Two individuals under 21 had consumed alcohol. One of them provided a false birth date and was booked into jail for consumption of alcohol by a minor and providing false information to a peace officer. Another individual was arrested and booked into jail for possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia. A third individual was very cooperative and was released with a citation for possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia.

  • On Sunday, Dec. 30, a vehicle at a Kimball Junction hotel parking lot was reportedly burglarized during the night. Several thousand dollars in property was allegedly stolen, including clothing and a laptop.
  • An individual who parked their vehicle at a ski resort, returned to find a dent in the vehicle’s hood. The cause was undetermined, but the Sheriff’s Department believed it may have been the result something dropping or falling on the hood.
  • An intoxicated man went missing in the Tollgate area. He had left a party and was gone for over an hour. He was not dressed for the weather conditions, and the outside temperature was near zero degrees. The man was eventually located by friends, but then wandered off a second time into the wilderness area. A police K-9 located him. He was very intoxicated and was arrested and booked into jail for intoxication.
  • A female was backing her van out of a parking stall in the Basin when she collided with a pedestrian. The woman was unaware she hit the pedestrian, but returned to the scene when she learned she had hit someone. The pedestrian was not injured and refused medical attention.
  • A male was pulled over on S.R. 224 for a headlight violation. The deputy ran a records check and discovered the driver did not have an ignition interlock device, and was also driving on a revoked Utah driver’s license and was using an expired Hawaii driver’s license. He was cited, arrested and booked into the Summit County Jail.
  • On Saturday, Dec. 29, a deputy stopped a vehicle in Kimball Junction for failing to signal. The deputy found the driver to be under the influence of alcohol and only 20 years old. The passenger was also under the influence of alcohol and is 18 years old. Both individuals were arrested.
  • A deputy responded to a domestic violence report in the Basin. There was no evidence to support an assault charge, but an information report was taken.
  • Deputies responded to another domestic violence report in South Summit, where a female reportedly physically assaulted a male. She accused the male of assaulting her as well, but there was no evidence to support the claim, and she was arrested.