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Sheriff’s Report


According to the Sheriff’s Report, a deputy observed a woman driving on the shoulder of S.R. 224 on Sunday, Jan. 20. She then turned abruptly onto Newpark Blvd. and began driving in the opposite lane. After the deputy pulled her over, she admitted to being under the influence of alcohol, and failed the field sobriety tests. Her blood alcohol level was .182. The legal limit is 0.08.

On Saturday, Jan. 19, the cargo box on a truck in the Basin was entered after the locking lever was cut with a torch. Two of three surveillance cameras on the property were taken. But according to the Sheriff’s Report, it appeared a motion alarm installed on the cargo box frightened away the suspects before they were able to remove any property.

A Kimball Junction fast-food restaurant reported someone living in the parking lot. He agreed to leave after deputies confronted him.

A man stole jewelry from a Kimball Junction store, but deputies were unable to find anyone in the area matching his description. There is video surveillance from the store.

A trash can outside a Summit Park residence was lit on fire. The homeowner’s boyfriend noticed the blaze when he went outside to get something from his car. The case is under investigation.

On Friday, Jan. 18, deputies responded to call about a previous domestic violence incident in South Summit. The male was out of town but the female was interviewed. She was told to inform the Sheriff’s Office when he returned.

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On Wednesday, Jan. 16, a woman called from Summit Park claiming she heard someone come into her house and leave again. However, there was no evidence of a break-in, nor were there tracks in the snow around her driveway.

A man called about his vehicle being hit in Summit Park. He returned to his Salt Lake City home before reporting the incident, and was told he needed to return to Summit County so the damage could be assessed.

A wallet containing a New York identification was found near a grocery store in Kimball Junction. No contact information for the individual was found, and the wallet was booked into evidence.

Two young juveniles were caught attempting to steal merchandise from a Kimball Junction area store. They were detained by employees until deputies arrived, and then were released to their parents without referrals to juvenile court because of their ages.