Sheriff’s report: Man falls to death in stairwell of Promontory home |

Sheriff’s report: Man falls to death in stairwell of Promontory home

A 66-year-old man fell to his death in his Promontory home while walking up the stairs with his wife on Saturday, according to a report from the Summit County Sheriff’s Office.

When he reached the top of the stairs, the man fell backwards, striking his head on the edge of one of the stairs when he reached the landing, according to the report. He ended up face-down on the floor and his wife was unable to roll him over to begin CPR.

The home is undergoing renovations and as part of that work, the railing had been removed from the stairway and the stairs had been partially dismantled.

Fire personnel worked to save the man while a medical helicopter was called, but he succumbed to his injuries at the scene.

The Investigations Division and the Office of the Medical Examiner were both notified.

According to the Sheriff’s Office, law enforcement responded to several other calls between Monday, Aug. 19, and Sunday, Aug. 25, including a man who took off from an auto shop in someone else’s vehicle and two more shoplifting incidents at Outlets Park City.

Sunday, Aug. 25

A Kamas man returned from vacation to find his garage open and several items missing. He reported the incident to the Sheriff’s Office, explaining the garage door was closed when he left for vacation. There is no surveillance footage, nor are there suspects or serial numbers for the stolen items. Deputies indicated the case would be forwarded to the Investigations Division.

Outlets Park City was targeted for at least the fourth time in two weeks, as three juveniles stole items from a clothing store. Two of the three were found, cited and released to their parents. Deputies indicated the case will be forwarded to the Investigations Division.

Saturday, Aug. 24

Deputies worked the National Ability Center’s Summit Challenge bike race, assisting with traffic control and responding along with medical personnel to several bike accidents.

Summit County Search and Rescue assisted South Summit emergency responders at Smith and Morehouse Reservoir when a woman was injured on a rope swing. She was transported in stable condition to the hospital.

Deputies found an extremely intoxicated man lying in the gutter in Silver Springs and took him to jail. Someone reported an intoxicated man in the area, and when deputies found the 44-year-old Park City man, they also found a half-empty 1.75-liter bottle of bourbon lying nearby. The man was unable to stand, sit up or take care of himself. He was booked on suspicion of intoxication.

A defunct Kimball Junction business was burglarized sometime between Aug. 16 and Aug. 24, with the thief making off with about $30 from arcade machines and a small amount of money left in the till. Deputies interviewed a former employee, but that person denied involvement and deputies indicated there are no suspects or leads. The thief also made off with the computer towers that stored surveillance footage, making it impossible to review video evidence.

Friday, Aug. 23

A man was trying to sleep in a Newpark parking garage and refused to leave when asked. When deputies arrived, they realized it was the same person they had prohibited from sleeping in the doorway of a nearby store a few days before. The man left and said he would not return.

Thursday, Aug. 22

The Investigations Division was asked to meet with the state fire marshal at the scene of a Coalville house fire. That fire started on the outside of the home and everyone inside was able to make it out safely.

A thief stole nearly $2,000 worth of sunglasses from a store at Outlets Park City. Deputies indicated they would review video surveillance and reported that seven pairs of sunglasses had been taken.

A woman called the Sheriff’s Office to report what she thought was an underage alcohol purchase at a convenience store in the Basin. She followed the suspected juvenile and saw him pull into a parking lot. Deputies indicated they would attempt to follow up on the case.

Wednesday, Aug 21

A Macbook Pro was taken from a Jeremy Ranch residence while the laptop was left outside. The victim provided the serial number to deputies, who listed it in a national database.

Deputies responded to a report of domestic violence in Oakley in which a husband allegedly assaulted his wife and made several threats of violence. The 45-year-old Oakley man was arrested on suspicion of several domestic violence related charges and was taken to jail without incident.

Tuesday, Aug. 20

A man took off with someone else’s vehicle and other expensive items from an auto shop on S.R. 248. He had been allowed to stay at the shop, but got upset and left in a vehicle he was not supposed to drive. The vehicle has been listed as stolen and deputies indicated they would follow up on the case. No contact had been made with the individual.

Monday, Aug. 19

Hinges had been removed from a shed door on property near the Uinta-Wasatch-Cache National Forest, allowing a thief to make off with about $650 in outdoor gear. The theft occurred between Aug. 11 and Aug. 18 on the far east side of the county. The victim lost two chainsaws and two fishing reels. Deputies indicated there are no known suspects.

Three dogs were poisoned and traps were stolen from a trapper employed by the federal government in national forest land. The incidents happened around Aug. 8 and the locations were given as the north slope of the Yellowstone and Blacks Fork. Deputies indicated there are no suspects and information was being gathered.

A man had been sleeping in a doorway at a store in Newpark and kept returning despite being told not to. Deputies were called and advised the man not to return. He said he would not.

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