Sheriff’s report: Meth-filled needle found during traffic stop |

Sheriff’s report: Meth-filled needle found during traffic stop

A traffic stop in the Snyderville Basin yielded an arrest for an outstanding warrant and drug charges after the driver was found to have a hypodermic needle filled with a clear liquid that later was determined to be methamphetamine, according to a report from the Summit County Sheriff’s Office.

The 39-year-old Orem man was pulled over for speeding on Old Ranch Road, and when deputies ran his information, they found he had a warrant out for his arrest, the report indicated. Deputies then arrested him and found the drug kit inside the vehicle.

He was booked on the warrant, as well as possession of drug paraphernalia and possession of a controlled substance.

According to the Sheriff’s Office, law enforcement responded to several other calls between Monday, July 22, and Sunday, July 28, including several vehicle burglaries and a Tollgate water theft.

Sunday, July 28

An alert neighbor called the Sheriff’s Office when he saw two people filling up 50-gallon water tanks from a water fountain on a nearby property in Tollgate Canyon. The owner of the water fountain said he didn’t want to pursue charges.

A man received six disturbing photos from an out-of-state number he did not recognize, and he reported it to the Sheriff’s Office. Deputies indicated it would be forwarded to the Investigations Division.

A Jeep Grand Cherokee damaged a gas pump at the 7-11 on Silver Springs Drive but could not be located. The male driver backed into the pump and then left the scene in the newer model, gray SUV with out-of-state plates. Deputies put out an “attempt to locate” the vehicle, but the effort was unsuccessful.

Saturday, July 27

A thief entered and stole items from a vehicle on East Redden Road in Silver Summit. There was no evidence left at the scene, and deputies indicated there was no suspect.

A vehicle was burglarized on Cutter Lane, and the thief did not leave evidence behind at the scene. Deputies indicated no one was suspected in the crime.

Friday, July 26

Search and Rescue crews received a call for a missing person but the individual was located before command was established.

Deputies arrested a person they were sent to check on after they found she was not the victim of an assault and in fact had a warrant out for her arrest. The woman had texted her friend photos of an injury consistent with an assault, and the friend called the Sheriff’s Office to initiate a welfare check. When they arrived at the Oakley residence, both the woman and her boyfriend denied that an assault had occurred. When deputies did a records check, they found the warrant from Salt Lake City for DUI and possession of marijuana and paraphernalia and arrested the woman. Deputies indicated the case would be referred to the County Attorney’s Office to be screened for further charges.

Two employees at a Kimball Junction restaurant got into a fight, though deputies could not determine a clear aggressor. Both had injuries to support their stories. The pair had called each other names and teased each other in the past. Deputies indicated they would follow up and the restaurant owner would provide surveillance footage.

Deputies arrested a 47-year-old Park City man for intoxication at the Holiday Inn on Ute Boulevard. He was medically cleared, but the hotel did not want him to stay as he could not take care of himself and no one else was there to care for him. He was booked into jail without incident.

Thursday, July 25

A vehicle was robbed at a North Landmark Drive hotel. The man who reported the crime said the lock had been removed from his U-Haul truck and several items had been removed from the cargo area. Deputies indicated they had no suspect.

A 50-year-old house painter fell from a ladder while working on North Pinebrook Road, hitting his head on the concrete driveway. The Salt Lake City man fell about 12 feet and was taken to a Salt Lake area hospital by ambulance. The owner of the company witnessed the fall and deputies indicated the Occupational Safety and Health Administration had been notified.

Wednesday, July 24

Four boys were detained after shoplifting from Walmart and then attempting to escape from authorities in a waiting vehicle. Deputies caught up with the four juveniles a short while later on Cove Canyon Drive, and after referring the case to the Juvenile Court, released the kids to their parents.

Tuesday, July 23

Search and rescue members assisted Wasatch County at Strawberry Reservoir.

Monday, July 22

A woman came out of an exercise class on West Redstone Avenue to find the driver’s side of her vehicle had been damaged. Deputies indicated they did not know who or what caused the damage.

A woman was arrested after video footage showed her entering someone else’s vehicle on Meadowview Court in Summit Park and leaving with a jacket. The jacket was later found inside a backpack left at a business in Redstone with the victim’s passport in the pocket. The victim had provided the video evidence to the Sheriff’s Office. Deputies visited the suspect’s residence, which is also on Meadowview Court, where they found writing on the walls outside her apartment the landlord said was similar to symbols she’d drawn on a previous rent check.

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