Sheriff’s report: Multi-county crime spree that involved shooting at an ambulance and arson ends peacefully |

Sheriff’s report: Multi-county crime spree that involved shooting at an ambulance and arson ends peacefully

A multi-county crime spree on the Fourth of July ended under an on-ramp in Salt Lake City after the suspect abandoned the stolen Summit County Public Works truck he had been driving and sat waiting for officers with a gun on his lap and a baggie of marijuana at his side, according to court documents.

The 32-year-old Nevada man was suspected in multiple felonies over the course of the day, including brandishing a firearm at several people, stealing multiple vehicles, shooting at an ambulance and arson. He set off a fire using road flares or roman candle fireworks at the East Canyon Resort, according to a probable cause statement.

Morgan Fire EMS Chief Boyd Carrigan said the fire could have easily gotten out of hand and that it grew to 2.5 acres and required about a dozen firefighters and five hours to put out completely.

Utah Highway Patrol Troopers had called off a high-speed chase earlier in the day when the man entered a construction site going over 100 mph, according to the probable cause statement.

Some time later, he swapped vehicles, stealing a Summit County Public Works F-150, the vehicle he ultimately abandoned in the Salt Lake Valley, according to the Utah Highway Patrol and Sheriff’s Office.

The multi-agency manhunt involved helicopters and citizens attempting to prevent the man from leaving East Canyon Resort after causing the fire. It ultimately ended without injury.

Summit County Public Works Director Derrick Radke said the county expects to get the work truck back once Utah Highway Patrol is done processing it.

According to the Sheriff’s Office, law enforcement responded to several other calls between Monday, June 29, and Sunday, July 5, including multiple vehicle burglaries off Kilby Road near Outlets Park City and a $5,000 art theft.

Sunday, July 5

A man’s wallet was stolen from his vehicle parked at the Willow Creek dog park and his credit cards were used for more than $860 in purchases at nearby stores. Deputies indicated the case would be forwarded to the Investigations Division to follow up and try to find surveillance footage of the purchases.

A man stole a 12 pack of White Claw spiked seltzer from the 7-Eleven near the Canyons Village base area. Deputies indicated the man concealed his identity, parked out of sight and that they did not have leads to pursue. The case was to be forwarded to the Investigations Division.

A woman in Silver Creek hid in a barn away from her intoxicated husband who had threatened to punch her in the face. Deputies arrested the 59-year-old Park City man around 2:30 a.m. on suspicion of intoxication and threatening violence after reviewing a video the woman had shot of the encounter.

Saturday, July 4

A 17-year-old Coalville teen told deputies at a medical clinic that he shot himself in the foot with a small caliber handgun while shooting at rodents on his family’s property. Deputies indicated the case would be forwarded to the Investigations Division.

A 23-year-old Holladay woman was cited for DUI and released after performing poorly on field sobriety tests. Deputies initially pulled the woman over on S.R. 224 near Silver Springs Drive because her vehicle’s registration was expired. They released her at a nearby hotel, where she had arranged to spend the night.

A 31-year-old Kamas man was cited for unlawfully discharging a firearm, and deputies took the weapon and booked it into evidence after a neighbor reported the man had fired the gun several times in the air. The man denied doing so, but deputies noticed spent ammunition on the ground and he admitted he had shot the gun the day before.

Friday, July 3

Five vehicle burglaries were reported in the area behind Outlets Park City around N. 2200 W. and Kilby Road, with one woman reporting her BMW had been stolen and others having their cars rifled through and possessions taken.

The woman located the stolen vehicle in Millcreek by using BMW services and was able to recover it.

A man whose wallet was stolen reported someone had attempted to use his credit cards in Summit County and the Salt Lake Valley but the charges had been denied.

Another man reported payroll checks and tools had been stolen from his truck and a woman said her work tools and a company fuel card had been taken.

Deputies indicated the cases would be forwarded to the Investigations Division.

Thursday, July 2

Several Deputies worked a special assignment at the Oakley Rodeo.

A Jeremy Ranch man reported his house had been fraudulently listed on AirBnB and a would-be renter had paid $1,000 to stay there. The renter was informed he had been scammed and could not rent the house. Deputies indicated they had no leads or suspect information.

A work crew had about $1,000 worth of tools stolen from a Canyons Village base area worksite while they were at lunch. Deputies indicated they had contacted several persons of interest but had no leads to follow.

Wednesday, July 1

A Jeremy Ranch man reported that, while he and his family were away, some people broke into his home, had a party and stole an Xbox. The man believed it was his son’s friends but deputies indicated there was no proof linking anyone to the crime.

A contractor hired to do drywall work ended up being trespassed from the home and told he could not contact the homeowner after a fight over Google reviews about the contractor’s performance. The man asked the worker to come back to repair some damage to the job, but after the worker didn’t show up because of a family emergency, the homeowner left a negative review. The contractor then left several voicemails that made the homeowner feel threatened, leading the homeowner to contact the Sheriff’s Office.

Tuesday, June 30

Deputies said they would screen charges of criminal mischief with the County Attorney’s Office after a homeowner broke a window in a home he owned with another person. The man was apparently upset over his divorce.

A Bear Hollow resident presented surveillance footage that showed a person stealing four Adirondack chairs and cushions valued at $160 from the cul de sac where he lives. Deputies indicated the case would be closed and forwarded to the Investigations Division.

A person sneaked into a barn and hung a small, straw voodoo doll from a rope inside. Deputies indicated this has happened more than a half-dozen times in the same location and referred to the incident as stalking.

A $5,000 painting was stolen from a vacant Silver Springs residence sometime in the preceding week. Deputies attempted to contact everyone who had access to the residence, including multiple workers hired for jobs on the site. Deputies indicated no forced entrance was observed and that the case would be forwarded to the Investigations Division.

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