Shoppers in Park City say they’re optimistic |

Shoppers in Park City say they’re optimistic


Jagannath Shirhatti said he wishes he’d started shopping at the Tanger Outlet Center earlier on Friday. The best deals were gone and he said many stores appeared cleaned out. He learned his lesson not showing up until 5 a.m.

Shirhatti said he’s being tighter with his money this year. He said he often spends upwards of $500 during November and December but has budgeted himself to $300 this year. He’s more focused on his rainy day fund than previously.

Shopper Betsy Ott said she’s much more careful with money this year than last. Ironically, she said she also has more confidence in the future now.

"Last year there was anticipation of a bad economy. Now we’re in it It’s easier to budget for that than not knowing what’s going to happen," she said.

Several shoppers shared similar sentiments. They believe the nation is on an upward course, but are still looking for deals and budgeting more carefully this go around.

"I’m definitely looking for sales and discounts," shopper Carol Hatch said. "I’m not buying things unless they’re needed like gifts."

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Her daughter Courtney said she’s asked for less for Christmas this year.

"We’re feeling better because the stock market is going back up," Carol said, "it’s making me feel like things will turn around even though it will take time."

Susan Mehregan of Michigan said she was shopping more this year than in the past because her family will be spending Christmas in Park City and they don’t want the extra expense and hassle of shipping their gifts here.

She was helping her 16-year-old daughter Emily choose her own holiday gifts. In the past, Mehregan said she was guilty of buying gifts just for the sake of giving more. This year she and Emily are more conscious of what they’re picking out and not being excessive.

Mehregan said she works for a community bank back in Michigan and understands the hardships people are experiencing.

"I have faith things will come back," she said.

Shopper Matt Rhodes said he’s already experiencing improvement. He has a better job this year than last, so is feeling much more comfortable with his finances. Then he visited Wendover and came home a winner. He was buying some new running gear with his winnings and said he was confident in the future. Still, he said he was looking for the best prices and always preferred a deal.