Silly Market negotiations extended as deadline approached |

Silly Market negotiations extended as deadline approached


Park City leaders and the organizers of the Park Silly Sunday Market have agreed to extend their negotiations into mid-December, nearly a month past a deadline that had been set for the two sides to reach an agreement to hold the event on Main Street again.

City Hall acknowledged the extension in a prepared statement distributed by e-mail late on Monday morning. If the sides had reached an agreement by what had been a Thursday deadline, it is likely City Hall sometime on Monday would have distributed a report outlining the details.

Mayor Dana Williams and the Park City Council had been expected to discuss a deal with the Silly Market at a Thursday meeting. A vote would have needed to been cast at the meeting to hit a Nov. 15 deadline. The two sides had set Nov. 15 as the date when either side needed to provide written notice that they did not intend to exercise an option.

The Silly Market held a contract with City Hall to hold the event on Main Street in the summer and early fall in 2010, 2011 and 2012. The deal includes two option periods of two years apiece, prompting the new set of negotiations.

"Given the complexity of the PSSM operations both parties agree that additional time for contract negotiations is mutually desirable," the prepared statement from City Hall said, using the Silly Market’s initials in place of the full name.

The statement said elected officials will discuss a deal with the Silly Market at a meeting on Dec. 13.

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The negotiations have been held in closed-door sessions. It is not certain what topics have been the most difficult for the two sides. But there have been lingering concerns among some brick-and-mortar businesses along Main Street about the Silly Market cutting into their sales on Sundays.

There had been talk by the Historic Park City Alliance, a group that represents businesses in the Main Street district, about major changes to the operations of the Silly Market. Ideas included a once-a-month schedule involving, perhaps, the full length of Main Street or earlier hours on a weekly basis.