Sister act: Petersons mix family, team for SSHS |

Sister act: Petersons mix family, team for SSHS


The family that plays together stays together – or at least that’s the case for South Summit High School’s Peterson sisters.

Unlike many young siblings who shy away from associating during high school, senior Megan, junior Paige and freshman Abby Peterson have played varsity volleyball, basketball and softball together this school year for the Wildcats.

Megan, "the quiet one" according to her sisters, is a standout in basketball and softball, but her best sport may be volleyball, in which she was rated one of Utah’s top five liberos.

Paige, "the super loud one," is similarly accomplished in each sport, and serves as the leader among the three sisters while leading the most active social life.

Abby, "the balanced one," has played less than her sisters, but playing three varsity sports as a freshman has her on course to join her sisters in SSHS athletic lore.

"It’s my favorite thing," Abby said. "I like playing with them a lot. They’re so easy to get along with."

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Abby had a burning desire to play soccer instead of volleyball, but chose to play with her sister Megan during her last season.

For mother Nan, who teaches English and coaches tennis at SSHS, it’s a blessing to have them all on the same field or court at the same time.

"It’s been fun to watch them do it," Nan said. "They all play the same thing, but they get along really well.

"In one volleyball game, the announcer said, ‘Peterson takes the dig, sets it to Peterson and Peterson spikes!’" she said. "It was really fun. I was like, ‘They’re all mine!"

The sisters report no major conflicts between them, and feel their teams gain from their familiarity with each other.

"You know how they play, so it’s easier to play with them," Megan said. "You don’t have to get to know a new teammate."

And they’ve played absolutely everything together. The Petersons’ backyard has three trampolines and a sport court, and they love to in-line skate, bike and swim.

"Everything they do is just sports," said Nan, who also enrolled the sisters in years of dance lessons.

The sisters’ older brother, Hayden, played three sports for SSHS, while younger sister Hannah – an 11-year-old fifth grader – is playing with boys in basketball leagues and also impresses as a volleyball and softball player.

"She’s probably our most natural athlete," Nan said. "She already has a nice pitching motion and loves volleyball. It just comes natural to her."

Her sisters agreed that Hannah is one to watch for, even as they joked she gets too big for her britches sometimes in backyard battles.

"She’s gonna be a dang-good athlete," Paige said.

No argument here.