Sixth Graders raise money for Ethiopian students |

Sixth Graders raise money for Ethiopian students

Ecker Hill social studies classes donate check to the Children of Ethiopia Education Fund

Sixth-grade social studies teacher Guy Sanderson wears a cloth from the Sidamo region of Ethiopia that was presented to hime by Norm Perdue, president of the Children of Ethiopia Education Fund, after Sanderson’s students made a donation of $1,985.91 at Ecker Hill International Middle School Thursday, Dec. 13. The Sanderson’s students earned the money doing odd jobs around the home and the community to support the Children of Ethiopia. Sanderson said the students as part of their community service beyond their individual local projects were asked to come up with a class project in an attempt to open their eyes to the world and the events of the past and the current situations.

After doing some research, they decided to sponsor a student from Ethiopia through The Children of Ethiopia Education Fund,, where 100 percent of the money earned goes directly to needy young girl students. To give a young girl in Ethiopia an opportunity to go to school, it only costs $200.00. Sanderson challenged his students from each class period to raise $200, and then he said he would match every $200 they earned.

Sanderson explained to his students that if they really want to make a difference in the lives of people in Ethiopia, they needed to start by educating young girls because in Ethiopia parents will send their boys to school if they have the money. Because of students’ hard work, they were able to sponsor eight Ethiopian girl students this year. Sanderson said they plan to continue the project in the future.