Ski museum thanks contributors |

Ski museum thanks contributors

Frank Fisher , of the Record staff

About 75 donors to the Alf Engen Ski Museum Foundation were invited to a thank-you reception at the facility, held on the fifth anniversary of the museum.

Alan Engen, historian, and originator of the museum idea, said of his late father, Alf Engen, a pioneer of the ski industry, "I think this would have exceeded his wildest expectations. I don’t think he would have had any idea what this would come to."

The museum was planned to showcase trophies and memorabilia from Alf Engen’s and other skiing pioneers.

Contributor Jim Gaddis said "When Alan was talking about this idea years ago, I said we could probably set up an A frame for the museum. I think he was a little disappointed in my ambition. I give all the credit to what this has become, to Alan.

Today, the 29,000 square footmuseum has been visited by 160,000 people.

The site chosen for the Alf Engen Ski Museum, at the Joe Quinney Winter Sports Center, overlooks the 2002 Winter Olympic bobsled track and ski jumps.

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"This is a tribute to lots and lots of folks, people who love sports" Alan Engen said. "Without their support this would have never come about."

"This coming about was all fortuitous," Engen explained, adding, "my father, Joe Quinney and the Eccles family, and this all came together with the Olympics."

Connie Nelson, the executive director of the museum said she has had the pleasure of skiing with some of the ski legends in the museum.

"They can ski better than they can walk," she said.