Skullcandy moves marketing dept. to San Clemente |

Skullcandy moves marketing dept. to San Clemente


Rick Alden’s Skullcandy will move its marketing department to San Clemente, Calif. in February.

The co-founder of the eye-wear company Electric, Mike Carter, will head up the new division.

He said in an interview Tuesday that the new building is an important move in bridging the snow and sand cultures, and everything in between, that Skullcandy caters to.

"San Clemente is such an amazing location for the Skullcandy brand. Park City is on the 50-yard line of arguably the best snow in the U.S. San Clemente sits directly on the 50-yard line of the Lower Trestles, arguably the best surf spot in the U.S." he said.

Much of Skullcandy’s global marketing has gone digital with emphasis on social media, its new iPhone application and action-sports videos to promote the brand within the respective sports scenes it markets to. But Carter said you can’t have a marketing presence without a physical one.

"It’s essential to have a footprint and a presence in the heartbeat of the action-sports industry. Proximity is really important," he said.

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Carter said Park City won’t lose jobs or prospective of future jobs because the same people in marketing now will be the ones in San Clemente, and those people currently work at both locations and will continue to do so.

He also said there’s no reason to worry that as the company expands it may outgrow Park City.

"That could never happen," he said. "The brand DNA was built and founded on a chairlift with Rick’s ideas. It’s part of our core culture, part of our brand DNA, it’s something we’d never compromise."

He said the company’s marketing department is focused on what they do best and doing a better job of it.

"That’s the media goal right now," he said.