Skyrocketing peptide therapy use offers countless wellness benefits |

Skyrocketing peptide therapy use offers countless wellness benefits

At East West Health Anodyne, peptides are helping patients heal from injury, disease, inflammation and more

Regan Archibald, LAc, FMP, CSSAc, founder of East West Health Anodyne, which has 4 locations throughout Utah and is one of the few clinics in the nation to successfully integrate traditional eastern medicine, cell therapy, peptides and functional medicine.
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East West Health Anodyne offers Health Accelerator Courses (HACs) to help patients achieve a variety of health and wellness goals. Patients have lost fat, gained muscle, increased energy, focus, libido, fitness and overall well-being. Everyone in Park City can be a part of this unique community and educational experience. Regan Archibald talks about various ways to improve health, including at least one peptide therapy benefit each week. Visit to sign up.

For more information about peptide therapy and the services offered at East West Health Anodyne, visit or call 435-640-1353.

The power of noninvasive peptide therapy is a growing trend in medicine for good reason: providers such as East West Health Anodyne are seeing patients regain physiological control of their health thanks to reduced pain and inflammation, activated stem cells and decreased disease.

Regan Archibald, a licensed acupuncturist, functional medicine practitioner and founder of East West Health Anodyne, is an expert in the emerging field of peptide therapy. In the last year alone, he says peptide therapy usage has increased by 8,500%.  

“The beautiful thing about peptides is they open up the cellular and genetic pathways in the body, and they remove the things that get in the way of healing,” Regan says. “Our bodies are designed to heal; the healing never stops, and the disease never goes on vacation. One of the things peptides do is stop the process of disease to promote health.”

Regan created East West Health Anodyne in 2004, helping patients achieve their goals through a team of medical doctors, health coaches and acupuncturists. With the addition of peptide therapy to the practice, Regan is especially happy with the whole body health and wellness options under one roof. 

A comprehensive medical strategy

Peptides can be thought of as small proteins that act as highly specific signaling molecules in many crucial functions in our bodies. They assist in hormone production, cell signaling, and cell-to-cell communication.

At East West Health Anodyne, the Acupuncturists come up with herbal strategies and the medical doctors prescribe the peptides. With Regan’s expertise and access to the world’s leading research, he helps inform the doctors on what peptides can do for patients. 

“And together, we come up with a great strategy,” he says. 

Not all peptides are created equally, so it’s important to see specialists who know what they’re doing and who prescribe peptides made by qualified compounding pharmacies. It’s not always safe to buy cheap versions on Amazon, which are often made for research or for lab animals, Regan says. 

Peptide therapy uses

Peptide therapy helps people regain physiological control of their health. Peptides help reduce pain and inflammation, activate stem cells and decrease disease.
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Peptides are different from hormones, which block negative feedback to the brain and can cause side effects down the road. Instead, peptides are very well tolerated because they gently nudge the body in the right direction. 

Regan likens peptide therapy’s benefits to an engine that’s not working well in a car. Peptides clean up the carburetor and pistons, creating better signaling and communication between all the parts.

“That’s what disease is in the body — missed signaling,” he says. 

Within one month of peptide therapy, one of Regan’s patients is seeing extraordinary results. After steroidal injections, physical therapy, lower back surgery and other traditional medicine approaches, the patient’s severe arthritis in his thumb and lower back hadn’t improved. One month of peptide therapy has changed all of that. 

Peptide therapy is beneficial for fitness and recovery. Specifically, many patients find that peptides aid in weight loss and help build muscle mass, which gets them back outside to enjoy their favorite activities.
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Another diabetic patient has started to put on muscle mass for the first time, regaining energy and eliminating brain fog. Regan says she has more energy than she’s had in decades.

“Patients who have failed with other traditional treatments are succeeding in peptide therapy,” he says. 

Even Regan is experiencing personal benefits. He started using peptides for fitness and recovery, and has been able to put on 15 pounds of muscle, “in my 40s, and that’s not easy to do.”

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