Slick ski styles at Silver Star |

Slick ski styles at Silver Star


Park City’s newest ski rental shop is open and only a few paces from one of Park City Mountain Resort’s most convenient lifts.

Silver Star Ski and Sport is part of the Silver Star development. It caters mostly to nearby home owners and guests in nightly rentals, but the store, Silver Star Lift and ticket booth is open to the public and also accessible by city bus.

The new store is one of only a few in Park City that offers Telemark ski rentals, said operator Todd Fischer.

Fischer has years of experience in the sports rental business, but he said his goal isn’t to compete with what’s already in town, but to offer excellent service and extreme convenience to people taking advantage of the lift.

In that way, the shop acts as an amenity for the development.

"The ski shop adds a dimension to the project that truly rounds out the skiing experience and makes for a more comprehensive base area," said developer Rory Murphy.

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Client Michael Vandendriessche said it’s a bee-line from the condo where he’s staying to the shop to the lift.

"It has great accessibility and ease of approach," he said. "The staff is personable, knowledgeable and they have a good selection."

Vandendriessche is a fan of the Telemark skis and was pleased to see them available as soon as he walked in the door.

That took a lot of planning. In August, Fischer jokes, the space was nothing but wood studs. During the last four months he designed the store layout, ordered everything it offers, hired the staff and manages the daily operation.

"We’re operating on a ‘If you build it they will come’ philosophy," Fischer said.

So far they have. Christmas was a busy time for the shop great news for a brand-new business in a slow economy.

"Obviously it’s a tough year to start any business, but also it’s a great year because there are minimal expectations. Like anything else in town, it’s snow dependent," he said.

The snow was good during the first peak period of the season, and Fischer said he’s pleased and optimistic.

So far, he hasn’t done a lot of marketing since the 97 condominiums, most of them under nightly rentals with Premier Resorts, and owners on Payday, Crescent Ridge and Three Kings Court are a good base clientele.

He said he isn’t interested in or capable of trying to compete with Cole Sport, Jans Mountain Outfitters or some of the other larger stores on quantity. The Silver Star Lift is so much more convenient than the Resort Center, he wants to be known for quality service. One example of that is he allows renters to store their equipment with him over night so they don’t have to schlep skis around the neighborhood.

The shop offers retail-quality high performance skis and Nitro and Rossignol snowboards. To enjoy local trails, Fischer also has a variety of snow shoes for rent and a selection of outerwear from Spyder boasting the Silver Star logo.

A goal of Fischer’s is to become the foci for neighborhood activities. Being able to "spit on the lift," as he jokingly puts it, he wants organize some group skiing or snow shoeing.

Silver Star Ski and Sport

1825 Three Kings Dr.