Smash and grabs on the rise |

Smash and grabs on the rise

Caroline Kingsley, The Park Record

Smash and grabs are on the rise in the Basin, according to Sheriff’s Office Spokesman Sgt. Ron Bridge.

A smash and grab is a form of burglary characterized by speed and a disregard of noises caused by the theft. In a smash and grab burglary, an individual smashes a barrier, often a window, to steal valuables and make a quick getaway.

"There have been a pattern of smash and grabs throughout the Park City area," Bridge said.

On Saturday, Jan. 19, someone reportedly smashed the rear passenger window of a locked vehicle parked in a Basin driveway, and stole a laptop.

Also on Saturday in the Basin, a man parked his vehicle about 4 a.m., and by 6 a.m., someone had broken his vehicle window and stolen an iPhone.

"We’re not able to connect them together," Bridge said. "Obviously they have the same mode of operandi, but it has been assigned to our detective division and they are looking into it and all leads possible."

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To avoid becoming a victim of a smash and grab, Bridge recommends removing valuables from vehicles before locking them.

"Do not leave valuables in your vehicle: iPods, purses, computers and backpacks," Bridge said. "And if possible, put your cars into your garage and close your garage at night. Our deputies routinely patrol the subdivisions in the wee morning hours. And obviously we notify residents when their garage doors are left open, but we don’t catch them all."