Snow Creek housing information is online |

Snow Creek housing information is online

by Jay Hamburger OF THE RECORD STAFF

The application window for people interested in entering the lottery to purchase a house in Snow Creek Cottages, City Hall’s work force housing development outside the Park Avenue police station, opened on Feb. 8 and closes on March 5.

Information and applications are available on City Hall’s Web site, Once at the front page, select the ‘I Want To . . .’ drop-down menu at the top of the page. Select ‘Apply for Affordable Housing’ from the drop-down menu and then choose the "Snow Creek Cottages" link.

Someone wanting to participate in the lottery must have an adult member of a household meeting at least one of the following requirements:

Full-time worker, at least 30 hours per week on the job or in a volunteer role, within the Park City limits.

A resident within the Park City School District boundaries for at least two years prior to the lottery.

An owner of a business or owner’s representative within Park City

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A senior citizen

Having a member of a household with a person who is physically or mentally challenged

The City Hall contact person for the project is Rhoda Stauffer, who handles work force housing issues for the municipal government. Her phone number is 615-5152 and her e-mail address is