Snowbasin hosts Masters’ Jans Cup season finale |

Snowbasin hosts Masters’ Jans Cup season finale

Amy Lanzel, For The Park Record

This past weekend Snowbasin Resort hosted the Intermountain Masters Jans Cup Season Finale sponsored by Dynamic Athletic Balance. The final race series rounded out the regular season of Master racing for 2011-2012. This weekend’s events included one day of super G and two full days of giant slalom down Wildcat Bowl. Racers enjoyed long scorching fast courses and fabulous sunny days in the northern Utah mountains.

The men battled it out for top positions throughout the weekend. The top four contenders heading into the final battle were well-known veterans Bobby Skinner, Craig Norton, Thunder Jalili and Rick Slabinski. Up for grabs was the final determination of the winners of the coveted red bibs. Red bibs numbered 1 through 10 are given out to the 10 racers with the most points. When all the dust settled the top-dog winners were:

1. Craig Norton

2. Bobby Skinner

3. Thunder Jalili

4. Bill Skinner

5. Rick Slabinski

6. Michael Falk

7. Chris Probert

8. Arsen Harutyunyan

9. Dennis McGrail

10. Don Sears

In the ladies’ group, Park City Master Dana Alexandrescu dominated the weekend, taking the top position all three days to win red bib No. 1, with Beth Sarazine a close second. Third place was up for grabs between Karen Keating, Amy Lanzel and Nancy Auskelis.

This weekend’s courses were fast and challenging. Needless to say, to finish was indeed a victory for many. Masters took advantage of this past weekend to gain momentum as they look forward to the national championships and FIS World Criterium races in the coming weeks.

Women (red bibs):

1. Dana Alexandrescu 2. Beth Sarazine 3. Nancy Auseklis 4. Amy Lanzel

5. Karen Keating

Intermountain Masters would like to say thank you to their sponsor this weekend Dynamic Athletic Balance , home of the SlackBow, which will help make you a better athlete and enable your body to respond stronger, faster and with more coordination in all of your athletic activities. A huge thanks to all the season’s sponsors, Heiden Davidson Orthopedics, Dominator Wax, IBS, Team Healthcare, EZPAk nutrition, Park City ski boot and Jans, and the resorts that hosted the Masters throughout the season. Because of their support, Masters can live out their passion for ski racing.

The 2012 USSA Skier’s Edge National Championships will be held March 19-23, 2012, at Park City Mountain Resort. Masters racers from all across the U.S. come together to square off for individual and team championship titles. For more information go to www.

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