Snyderville Basin Planning Commission close to decision on Canyons Village Master Plan |

Snyderville Basin Planning Commission close to decision on Canyons Village Master Plan

Proposal reconfigures 2.3 million square feet of development

The master developer of the Canyons Village at Park City Mountain Resort wants to reconfigure 2.3 million square feet of development and change the layout of the base area to include more hotels, a parking garage, workforce housing and additional amenities for guests.

TCFC Finance Co., the development company that owns the land on which Vail Resorts operates PCMR, and Replay Resorts, the master developer, have requested a significant amendment to the Canyons Specially Planned Area Master Plan and Development Agreement, including the land use and zoning chart. The resort is nearly 30 percent built out.

Snyderville Basin Planning Commissioners have been reviewing the proposal for nearly a year and are inching closer to a decision. The Planning Commission is scheduled to host a public hearing on the matter at 4:30 p.m. on Tuesday, Oct. 3, at Ecker Hill Middle School. The item is listed as a public hearing with the possibility of action.

“Nothing is decided yet because we still have a few very real concerns about traffic studies,” said Canice Harte, chair of the Planning Commission. “We are still looking for more information in these areas. But, most of the arguments for or against the proposed changes are consistent. It feels like we are closing in on it, but we want to really have a session where we can get as much public input as possible.

“I would personally love it if anyone who has an opinion or just wants to learn more about it come to this meeting,” he added.

TCFC and Replay Resorts have been working on the plans since February 2015. Last year, the completion of Canyons Golf and an upswing in the real estate market put developers in a position to review the design and development of numerous projects.

Key elements of the reconfiguration show plans for several more hotels, a parking garage and transit hub, skier plaza, aquatic center, a Village Walk that will include stores, cafes and bars, a new lift to serve as an anchor to the Village Walk and workforce housing units.

TCFC and Replay Resorts have asked to amend the existing land-use and zoning chart specifying the maximum height of the buildings allowed under the development agreement, approved in 1999, which has been a point of contention among nearby residents.

“Public participation has been consistent and strong and has been a positive influence on the process,” Harte said. “A few areas of concern that have come up involve building height and traffic.”

Most of the public input regarding the master plan has come from people that live near the resort, Harte said. He added, “Some current residents feel they will now see the back-of-house operations.”

The proposed changes would re-allocate the existing square footage, modify the permitted heights of structures and change the illustrative layout of the resort core, according to a Planning Department staff report. The amendments will involve several parcels and unplatted lands in the Lower Village neighborhood, the report states.

“Those points, not all, are certainly some of the main ones that have been addressed at every meeting,” Harte said. “I know the Planning Commission is taking those comments very seriously.

“It’s interesting that the changes they are making are significant, but they are reducing the amount of development and making changes to reconfigure it to make it flow better,” he added. “The intention has been to make the resort function better.”

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