Soak up funky show |

Soak up funky show

Greg Marshall, Of the Record staff

The band’s funny spelling, Equaleyes, has come to represent a shared perspective, and its concerts bring people together, says front man Jeff Crosby.

The four-piece band plays funk, rock, reggae and electronic music, but its live-and-let jive approach to life has made them a popular show in Idaho, Colorado and Utah.

Equaleyes comes to Park City’s Downstairs for the start of a regional tour that will take them to Denver and Telluride, Colo. The band plays Saturday, May 9, at 9:30 p.m. Crosby joins Daniel Blumenfeld on keyboard, synthesizer and accordion, Will Prescott on drums and Tom Borda on bass.

Crosby grew up near McCall, Idaho, where he listened to country and bluegrass. It wasn’t until he attended a Phish concert in Las Vegas, though, that the singer and guitarist found his niche. "They had a city of people following them," Crosby mused.

Interested in poetry at a young age, Crosby took to writing lyrics, the task he still undertakes for Equaleyes. He lists Eric Clapton and the Almond Brothers among his classic rock influences. John Mayer and the band Lotus are among contemporary favorites.

Melding trance and dance music with traditional bluegrass elements, the guitar and accordion, Crosby said concertgoers should expect a wealth of music inspired from a lifetime traipsing in the outdoors of the Western U.S., a vibe captured in the band’s exuberantly title debut album, "While I’m Alive."

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"Expect a crazy time," Crosby promised.

Equaleyes performs at the nightclub Downstairs, 625 Main St., Saturday, May 9 at 9:30 p.m.