South Summit residents brace for more flooding |

South Summit residents brace for more flooding

by Patrick Parkinson, of The Record staff
Oakley residents Ron Bowen, center, and Bryon Rockhill, right, fill sandbags Monday afternoon. Photo by Grayson West/Park Record

Oakley residents braced Monday for more water as homeowners sandbagged their neighborhoods in the South Summit town hoping to stop the Weber River before it flooded their houses.

"There were two fish in our front yard swimming," Oakley resident Jenny Leavitt said about her flooded yard. "The river was high at 7:30 this morning It went from nothing to three feet in like 10 minutes."

Water flooded her porch and cellar.

Snow in the Uinta Mountains melted quickly this week, which caused the Weber River to overrun its banks.

"It’s an unusual event this time of year because typically May is the time of year we would get all the melt," Summit County Public Works Administrator Kevin Callahan said. "But it was so cool and then the temperature turned up. We got that nice rain storm and it busted loose." "Basically it’s a combination of the heat and the additional moisture that we got over the weekend," Callahan added.

With a National Weather Service flood watch in effect in the South Summit area Monday afternoon, residents in Oakley, Weber Canyon and along the Mirror Lake Highway feverishly filled sandbags. "The flood watch will conclude at the end of the evening," Callahan said.

There were no serious injuries from the flooding reported Monday afternoon. "The house we were at, the whole shed had a river going through it," Oakley resident Shantell Peterson said.

Oakley resident Ron Bowen filled sandbags early Monday morning.

"You just drive around and you can see where water has been up around the houses," Bowen said.

Oakley resident Bruce Obert owns property that was flooded near Pinion Lane. He said he expects the flooding to continue for days.

"It’s going to continue until it peaks, which they are predicting will be Wednesday," Obert said. "As more snow melts, it is just going to keep coming up and up and up."

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