South Summit softball players shining for Strikers |

South Summit softball players shining for Strikers

Christopher Kamrani, The Park Record

Abby Peterson said it’s a rarity when her South Summit High School softball team gets to play under a warm sun.

"We play in the snow," she said.

So as the seven Lady Wildcat members of the Summit County SilverStrikers helped lead the charge through another summer of club softball, the question most people will ask is: Will this make you a better softball player?

"We’ve learned so much that it’s going to carry over," said junior Dom Harry, three-year member of the SilverStrikers. "All around, we’ll play better."

The South Summit softball team went 15-11 in the spring, won the Region 14 championship and made a decent postseason run.

Other members of the South Summit softball team on the SilverStrikers all juniors are Kylie Atkinson, Brooke George, Hailey Hardman, Katelyn Rogers and Madie Harry.

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Playing together in the summer is enjoyable and helps build team unity, according to Harry.

"We’re playing a lot and we’ve all improved so much," she said. "Through this league, we’ve all learned so much. Every time we go out and play, we learn something new, a new thing we’ve never experienced before and that helps our mindset on the field."

Through 25 games, Peterson leads the SilverStrikers with a .439 batting average that includes five doubles, a triple and a home run. She also leads the team with 18 RBI. The miniscule Atkinson, the SilverStrikers’ leadoff sparkplug, is second on the team with 16 hits and has a team-high 14 singles.

Hardman is second on the team with 14 RBI.

George said she takes pride in playing in tournaments such as Triple Crown, simply to prove people wrong.

"Considering we don’t play a lot, we’ve stepped up and played them and showed them," she said.

Atkinson said showing younger girls that softball can be a year-round sport is the most important to her.

"That way, they can look up to us," she said. "They’ll want to play, too."

This group of seven juniors will no doubt lead the charge in 2A softball for the next two years and perhaps put a stamp on their extra efforts to play in climates with a little less snow.