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Spealler brings CrossFit to Newpark

Dan Bischoff, Of the Record staff

After his college wrestling career, Chris Spealler couldn’t find a workout that fit his style.

"I got so bored with my workouts," he said. "I got so bored and tired."

It was almost like a spiritual awakening when he found the right exercise routine.

"Once I discovered it, it was like, ‘This is it, the question was answered,’" Spealler said.

He discovered CrossFit, a training program that includes cardio, weights and other exercises.

"I wished I would have known about CrossFit when I was wrestling," Spealler said. "The level you can achieve with CrossFit is so much higher than what you can do with a gym."

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He liked it so much he became an instructor. He runs CrossFit Park City out of the Basin Recreation Field House at Newpark.

With the array of exercises, he’s no longer bored.

"In CrossFit, if you see the same workout come up twice in a month, that’s often," Spealler said.

Spealler said most people’s notions about fitness include cardio, strength, power and stamina.

"CrossFit takes in those but also agility, balance and coordination," Spealler said. "It is involving so many things, and it wants to make all those things equal."

CrossFit uses hundreds of different workouts. Some of them are traditional, but others include gymnastics, rope climbing, kettlebell swings, handstands and hand-to-hand combat training.

The workouts can transform someone into an all-around athlete.

"The guy that comes into CrossFit and can back squat 700 pounds, I know his conditioning is in the bucket," Spealler said. "CrossFit takes all these different levels, and it levels them out. His back squat might go down, but speed and everything will start to come up."

The best CrossFitters, Spealler said, are not huge body builders.

"They are typically pretty lean and able to run a 5K in a decent time, but also able to press and deadlift. There’s a huge amount of strength with endurance, cardio and all that stuff."

Lots of workouts are designed to train the body to excel in one sport, such as football, basketball, baseball, tennis or boxing, Spealler said.

"CrossFit is designed to a level of fitness that prepares them for any pathway they might encounter," he said. "A lot of people preach sports-specific training. The majority of us are not like that. We try to take things and constantly try to give your body a different look."

This type of workout could possibly prevent injuries and make someone more efficient with normal daily routines.

"We want you to be prepared for any activity. If you are a housewife and you are picking your kid up or you are a construction worker moving lumber around or on a roof or a cop in emergency situation, we want you to be prepared for anything," Spealler said.

Spealler said it fits well with Park City’s lifestyle.

"Park City is a crazy active town," Spealler said, "with mountain biking, running and skiing, telemarking, snowshoeing, all these different things, there’s not just one sport people focus on. It will provide a level of fitness so they can enjoy all these sports at a high level."

CrossFit is for anyone at any age, Spealler said.

"Anybody can do it," he said. "I have clients that are 62 and 20."

If people go on the Web site to look up the workouts, they might be intimidated, he said.

"People will think, ‘Holy crap, I’m never going to do that.’ But you just meet people where they are at," he said.

He said CrossFit is designed to work in a group setting, so people can push each other.

"There’s a lot of camaraderie, and people are doing the same workouts and having fun, working hard and sharing it with one another," Spealler said. "CrossFit is very community-based. We really enjoy people that share that passion for fitness. There’s a sense of competition and a sense of support there."

CrossFit at Park City runs Monday through Friday at the Basin Recreation Field House. For more information about times, e-mail Chris at chris@crossfitpc.com or call 640-5380.