Basin Recreation summer aquatics |

Basin Recreation summer aquatics


Session 1: June 4-14 Registration Opens: May 21st

Session 2: June 8-18 Registration Opens: May 21st

Session 3: July 9–19 Registration Opens: June 25th

Session 4: July 23–Aug. 2 Registration Opens: June 25th

Duration: Monday through Thursday for 2 weeks Each class is 30 minutes long

Class Times:

3-3:30 p.m.

3:40-4:10 p.m.

4:20-4:50 p.m.

Fee: $70 Per Session

Guppy Swim School: Ages 3–5

Designed to orient children to the aquatic environment with the full support of the instructor.

• Water safety

• Breath control, bobbing & blowing bubbles

• Body awareness, floating with support

• Treading water with support

• Kicking, gliding and swimming with support

If your child has a difficult time in the water without a parent, we recommend participating in the Parent-Tot swim lesson program instead.


All groups are open to children ages 6 & up, however, we list the recommended ages for each group to help give you a better idea of what will best suit your child in our program.

The RED Group: Ages 6-8

The focus of this group is like the Guppy curriculum but the children in Red group are usually older and have better coordination around ages 6-8. This class is essential to learning the basics, so your child can be more successful and comfortable in the levels following.

• Water Safety

• Breath control, bobbing & blowing bubbles

• Body awareness, floating without support 5+ seconds

• Treading water 15 seconds

• Kicking & gliding with support

• Swimming on front and back for short distances with support

The ORANGE Group: Ages 8-9

Prerequisites: complete Level 1 Red or pass swim evaluation by director standards.

• Floating & body position 15+ seconds

• Submersion & retrieving objects from pool floor

• Treading water for 30 seconds

• Kicking, gliding and finning without support

• Learning how to swim freestyle and rolling to their back to breathe

• Introduce backstroke.

Correct swim technique is enforced for success as the child moves through all the groups.

The YELLOW group: Ages 9-11

Cultivates the skills learned in orange.

• Build on skills learned in previous levels

• Treading water 1 minute

• Learn rotary breathing for freestyle

• Backstroke

• Streamline kicking for at least 15 yards (front & back)

• Introduction to elementary backstroke

• Shallow dives off the pool edge

This group also begins swimming yardage required for success in the next two color groups.

The GREEN group Ages 10–12

Continues to build on the strokes that have been learned in previous levels.

• More work is required on the body rotation, the pull and the recovery of the freestyle.

• Pushing off the wall under water and then streamline kicking on for 15 yards.

• Freestyle & backstroke- body rotation and the recovery are the focus.

• Elementary backstroke – perfecting the kick and on endurance.

• Introduction to breaststroke by learning the pull and kick separately.

• Introduction to butterfly kick

• Treading water for 3 minutes and recalling the safety rules they have learned in previous groups.

The BLUE group Ages 10 & up

Blue Group/Pre-comp Group equips the swimmer with skills in the event they would like to pursue a swim team.

• Endurance is a focus for freestyle (50 yards),

• Elementary backstroke (100 yards)

• Backstroke (50 yards)

• The pull for backstroke is refined.

• Refining breaststroke technique

• Putting butterfly stroke together pull & kick

• Start dives, surface dives, and open turns are learned in this level.

• Treading for 5 minutes, as well as briefly reiterating the safety topics we have covered in the previous groups.

For questions about Swim Lessons please contact Recreation and Aquatics Coordinator Sydney Bull at or visit our website at

Parent-tot Swim Classes

Session 1: June 4-14 || Registration Opens: May 21

Session 2: June 18–18 || Registration Opens: May 21

Session 3: July 9–19 || Registration Opens: June 25

Session 4: July 23–Aug. 2 || Registration Opens: June 25

Duration: Monday & Wednesdays for 2 weeks || Each class is 45 minutes long

Class Times:

Basin Babies: 6 months – 18 months old || 10:30-11:15 a.m.

Basin Toddlers: 18 months–3 years old || 11:15 a.m.–noon

Fee: $45 per session

Basin Babies and Basin Toddler classes are designed to foster in very young children a high comfort level in the water while at the same time train the adults to accompany them in water safety and drowning prevention. This class provides a confidence-building, fun, and loving experience. Curriculum will consist of activities improving trust and comfort, body position, submersion, air recovery and rollover, forward movement and finning and water safety. One adult must be in the water with the child. Swim diapers are required.

For questions about Parent-Tot Swim Lessons please contact Recreation and Aquatics Coordinator Sydney Bull at or visit our website at

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