Channel Signal provides business clients the information they need to expand |

Channel Signal provides business clients the information they need to expand

Company makes sense of customer feedback

Courtesy of Paul Kirwin

Paul Kirwin moved to town in 1979, working as a broadcast journalist and running a video production company in what was then a bit of a backwater. “In the 1980’s I’d offer video tape service to California and they’d wonder what we were doing here. But now it’s “Wow, you’re in Park City!” It’s a good place to do business.

“I’m a startup guy,” says Kirwin, who’s always thinking ahead. He was one of the founders of Experticity, whose 250 employees in Salt Lake City work on the largest retail training platform in the country. Riding the digital wave, he was ready for another challenge. In 2011, using  the office space and services at Pando labs, Channel Signal went on line.

“I saw all of these young people we were training on our platform at Experticity, online all the time, not only training, but looking at all sorts of stuff. That’s when I got interested in product reviews,” he says.  “At Channel Signal, we collect and measure product reviews for companies like MicroSoft, Polaris, Patagonia, CamelBak, Smartwool and Skullcandy and others.”

Now, sellers obviously know how much they’re selling, but more importantly they need to know why people are buying. Kirwin says, “Now, 90 percent of all consumers are looking at product reviews, from people who have actually used the product. And companies really wanted to know what the buyer thinks. The buyer has something to say.”

By providing clients with this information, companies are able to adjust, fix or improve their products; hence, more sales. “This is really exciting to me,” he says. And clients don’t scoff anymore about being based in Park City; they would rather be here too.