Eat! The 101 on eating and drinking in Park City |

Eat! The 101 on eating and drinking in Park City

This story is found in the summer 2019 edition of Park City Adventure Guide.

Wetting your whistle

You can get anything you want to drink in Park City, including a dizzying array of locally crafted beer, wines, and spirits. Still, rules might be a bit different than you’re used to if you’re visiting from out of state. Here are a few things you might keep in mind:

Drinking age

Like everywhere else, Utah’s legal drinking age is 21.

DUI Limit

Utah’s legal limit to drive is the strictest in the nation at a 0.05% blood alcohol level and penalties are severe, so call a cab.


Utah beer will differ in strength whether it’s purchased in a Utah state liquor store, or commercial outlet. Grocery and convenience stores stock beer at less than 4 percent by volume (or 3.2 percent by weight), though recent legislation means that limit will rise to 5 percent ABV in November. Anything stronger must be purchased from an establishment with a full liquor license, or state-run store. Also, beer served out of a tap will always adhere to this standard, while beers served in containers such as cans and bottles are full-strength.

Bars and restaurants

Licensed restaurants, bars, and taverns do serve alcohol, although some may only sell beer. You may be seated at a restaurant with a menu and order a drink with your food. If you don’t want food, then go to a bar instead.

Liquor Stores

Aside from a restaurant, bar, or other facility with a liquor license, the only place to purchase wine, liquor or full-strength liquor is from a state-operated liquor store, or at the source at High West Distillery, 703 Park Avenue. Some hotels and lodges do have a limited selection for sale as well. The state stores are not open Sundays or on holidays.

Park City Farmer’s Market

Park City Mountain Resort Silver King parking lot, Wednesdays 12 – 5 p.m.

The Park City’s Farmer’s Market is the perfect place to pick up what you need for dinner, if it makes it that far – you will be tempted to snack on all of the goodness offered here. If you come hungry, you won’t leave that way. With over 80 vendors, you can load up on artisanal breads, strudels, and wood-fired pizzas; salsas, chutneys, and mustards. Stop for a sample, and you’ll end up eating the whole tamale, grilled brat, or steamed corn.

Take a bite out of a golden, sun-warmed Elberta peach, and wipe the juice off your chin; they’re juicy, messy, and delicious. There’s jam, cheese, jerky and popcorn. The jalapeño goat cheese will heat you up, and an ice-cold smoothie will cool you off. Take home some fire-roasted chilis, tomatillos, and onions, or some rhubarb, cherries, or apricots.

It’s all fresh and local. The produce is healthy, and definitely hasn’t been on a shipping tanker. Now, in the market’s 17th season, you’ll also enjoy the crafts and art and live music. The market is rain or shine, heavy on the shine, and there’s plenty of free parking. It’s good, healthy fun on a Wednesday afternoon.

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