How to create that luxury hotel feeling in your own home |

How to create that luxury hotel feeling in your own home

It's easier than you might think

TOP: Photo courtesy of Starwood Hotels/St. Regis Deer Valley. BOTTOM: Photo courtesy Barclay Buttera Interiors

Open the door to a refined enclave, designed to welcome you with exquisite d?cor, customized comforts and unparalleled service. Allow the warm grandeur to transport you to an extraordinary existence where stress melts away and all is right in the world. Welcome to Park City’s luxury hotels.

While it’s not likely you’ll live somewhere like The St. Regis Deer Valley 365 days a year, you can mimic the clean, sleek designs and relaxing atmosphere of luxury hotels in your own home by adding a few key elements. Here are a few inspirational hints from The St. Regis:


That feeling of relaxed serenity starts with a good night’s sleep to fuel health, happiness and productivity. We spend about a third of our lives in bed, so make it count.

Photo courtesy of Starwood Hotels/St. Regis Deer Valley

Refresh your bedroom with a quality mattress, complete with a plush pillow top, and then add a layer of comfort and protection with a quilted, cotton sateen mattress pad. Dress it in superior linens and soothing duvet covers with 300-thread-count pure Egyptian cotton to enhance the feel and aesthetics. Select the perfect pillow to cradle your head; The St. Regis signature pillow is a feather-down blend, wrapped in 100 percent cotton. Take your master suite one step further and hang luxe cotton velour spa robes in the bathroom, for divine lounging.


Have you ever noticed how right everything feels at luxury hotels, like The St. Regis? The furnishings are sleek, refined and grouped in a way that beckons you to sit a spell and converse, or share a meal, with a toast to the adventures of the day. The curated art — whether classic oil painting, abstract, multi-media, photography or sculpture — is carefully selected for each location and positioned for optimal viewing. And there is not a spot of dust on the premises. So take notes from the masters of hospitality. Maybe it’s time to retire that worn-out Barcalounger. Or it’s time to splurge on a couple of new pillows and perhaps a cozy throw to invite rest. In addition, consider supporting our talented local artists by purchasing their pieces, or frame your favorite kid-masterpiece. Finally, clear the inevitable clutter, and keep it tidy and clean.

Striving for that luxury hotel environment doesn’t mean kids and pets are taboo. Think about how you can plan special events and luxuries for kids, as if they’re on vacation. For example, supply their rooms with kid-sized robes and slippers, and initiate fun family traditions like making s’mores over an outdoor fire pit. For pets, consider purchasing a cozy pet bed, or festive or sleek ceramic pet bowls. Honor your loved ones (both two-legged and four-legged) with special touches, like a space that’s designated for kid-centric art, music or digital endeavors. Encourage kids to take part in meal selection and preparation. Set aside time for your own family traditions like game night, outdoor adventures and movies with popcorn. For Fido, raise the bar with a blingy new collar and leash she can show off when out on the trails.

As a final soothing touch, freshen your home with a pleasing light fragrance. Our sense of smell is ten thousand times more sensitive than our other senses. Lavender calms nerves and increases time spent in deep sleep, while peppermint reduces stress, and citrus brightens mood and improves concentration. A couple of scented candles will help you shed the stresses of the day.

Sure, you probably can’t swing a 14,000-square-foot luxury spa, or a two-story lobby with a custom bronze two-sided fireplace. You might not have a slope-side infinity pool with heated decks. But you can purchase a hot tub, add a simple water feature, or group a few pots of colorful flowers by your door. You can upgrade your bedding and add a piece of art to your living room. And you can always declutter.

But the most important element in creating a deeply satisfying home — one that reminds you of a magnificent vacation — involves keeping your loved ones foremost in your mind as you enjoy the elements of your unique home. Because, ultimately, that’s what luxury hotels allow us to do: They provide designated places to celebrate our lives in these glorious mountains.

With a few simple and mindful touches, you can transform your home into more of a retreat, where comfort comes easily, and memories are made on a daily basis.

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