In Park City, art is elevated |

In Park City, art is elevated

Park City fosters culture of creativity

Arts and Culture District
Park City is home to a lot of creative people: filmmakers, painters, musicians, photographers, and writers. And there will likely be a new home for them both the Sundance Institute and the Kimball Arts Center in the near future, as Park City starts the process of developing the Park City Arts and Culture district. This 5-acre development is intended to be a focus for creative venues including public parking, affordable housing, a transit hub, public walkways and plazas. Master planning is now in process.

Park City Institute
The Park City Institute’s St. Regis Big Stars, Bright Nights Concert Series had to scramble this spring, seeking a new venue after a number of years at the Deer Valley Resort. The Institute’s Moe Hickey says, “It was a very big transition, not having a home,” but eventually the Institute secured the Quinn’s Junction field, and finally, City Park in Park City for the 2018 summer shows. “It’s an unbelievably beautiful location,” says Hickey of City Park, “with the trees lining the field. Plus, it’s really created a sense of community.” A bike valet has been very popular, as everyone is helping out to bring music to the mountains. Hickey adds, “Grace Potter was only going to do three shows all summer, and she added a show to comeout here and help us out.”

Film and Television
Once again Park City is on the filmmaker’s map, with the successful run of the first season of Yellowstone, on the Paramount Network. Filmed locally and starring Kevin Costner, the series has been picked up for a second season of 10 episodes. Utah Film Studios has helped make this happen with its three giant sound stages and full support facilities.