Demographics: Who we are |

Demographics: Who we are

People come from all over

Tents and crowds at the weekly Park Silly Sunday Market stretch down Main Street on June 3, 2018.
Park Record file photo

Population Characteristics Millennials (20-34) 7,142

Retiring Soon 11,031

Racial Diversity 6,238

Veterans 1,532

Violent Crime 1.59/1,000 (national average 3.75/1000)

Property Crime 18.36/1000 (national average 24.21/1000)

Summit County Population Population increase since 2013 3,239 (8.4%)

Population increase 2018 - 2023 2,528

Median household income 2017 $94,952

Economic Strength Micropolitan Areas United States 2019

#2 Summit Park (Park City and Summit County)

#34 Wasatch County

(Economic strength is the long-term tendency for an area to consistently grow in both size and quality. Park City, Summit and Wasatch counties. There are 551 identified micropolitan areas in the U.S.)

This story is found in the 2019 edition of Milepost.

This area is economically, ethnically, and historically diverse. Huge resorts rise to the west and cattle graze in the verdant eastern valleys. A mining past has given way to a resort economy that is booming, to say the least. It’s a desirable place to be and the lifestyle is the envy of many.

The summers are perfect, with moderate temperatures and afternoon rains, while the winters bring the deep snow and blue skies for which we are famous. Our garages are filled with boats, bikes, and skis. Vacation homes and visitors subsidize our bus systems, recreation centers and schools. Taxes are low, but increasing, to meet the demands for transit, schools and roads. Summit County still has the lowest property tax rate of all 29 counties in the state. Everyone who lives here agrees on one thing: it’s just a great place to live, work, and visit.

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