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5 Broker-Approved Home Upgrades

Planning to sell? Here’s how to give your home new-build appeal.

When you’re contemplating a home upgrade or preparing your place for sale, it helps to identify the renovation projects that not only look good but will also boost value. Overall, buyers are drawn to newer, cleaner, refreshed properties. Taking a cue from some of Park City’s hottest new houses, here are five tried and true ways to boost the value of your home.

Repaint Interiors

This no-brainer investment works every time. A fresh coat of paint, particularly in a current color such as white, grey, pale blue, and soft sage green, will make any home feel updated and renewed. Contemporary, neutral paint not only adds visual appeal but helps potential buyers better picture themselves living in the home.

Update Windows

The biggest culprits are 70’s-style round, half-moon, or hexagonal windows. They not only cause buyers to contemplate pricey renovations, they broadcast a home’s age and can turn shoppers off entirely. Additionally, if your windows are old, drafty, or foggy due to failing seals, fixing the problem will increase your home’s overall value. Updating window coverings from heavy drapery to hidden or electronic shades can go a long way in introducing a contemporary feel. And because natural light is such a vital part of ambiance, adding windows to bring in more sunshine can dramatically improve your home’s value.

Renew Kitchens and Bathrooms

The two most important spaces in home renovations are the kitchen and the master suite. It isn’t necessary to undertake a complete kitchen renovation. Minor changes such as painting the cabinets a modern color, swapping an old backsplash for glass or mosaic tiles, and replacing dated light fixtures and hardware with current designs (stainless bar pulls and bin pulls are popular choices) can increase the value of a home.

In the master bedroom, focus on brightening the room to create a fresh, inviting feel. Clean, modern paint colors and fresh, neutral carpet or refinished hardwood floors make a huge difference. In the master bathroom, potential buyers are trending toward light and bright features such as subway tile, marble, and clean lines over dark woods, granite, and ornate carving.

Add Smart Technology

Smart technology is a key characteristic of many new homes, and potential buyers see major value in features such as electronic window shades, smart thermostats, and video doorbells. Advancements mean that it’s not often necessary to rip up plaster or paneling; small, wireless smart-house devices are becoming go-to choices. One formerly popular electronic feature that’s fallen out of fashion: the pre-wired sound system. With wireless speaker systems on the rise, buyers are bringing their own equipment into their homes or upgrading as needed.

Revive Curb Appeal

First impressions can make, well, a big impression. Enhance the landscaping (prune overgrown bushes, plant new flower beds), clean up the front walkway, and repair or seal driveway cracks. A fresh coat of paint—including windows and front door—can make an older home feel new again. If paint isn’t in the budget, power washing the outside of the house (taking care it doesn’t strip the paint), as well as the walkway and driveway, is an affordable option. Last, update the porch sconces and lighting to make your home appear current and inviting.

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