This company creates an AI chatbox to better engage customers |

This company creates an AI chatbox to better engage customers

Helping schools connect with students

Courtesy of AtlasRTX

Bassam Salem is energetic and an inspiration, with four degrees, including an MBA from the University of Utah and a masters in computer science. Working in software development since the 1980s he’s now created something that is fueling his passion. “Artificial intelligence (AI) can be a go-between,” he says.

“I wanted to create something I knew about,” he says, about his HP Enterprise app, which facilitates communication between parents and kids, and the Park City School District. Originally developed for real estate, the app uses a mobile phone platform. Then, an AI chatbox responds to questions, in English or Spanish, or any other language with instant translation.

“I found that Spanish-speaking parents at home were too intimidated to call the schools when they needed information,” he says. “Now this lets parents register and have access.”

AtlasRTX (the RTX stands for Real Time Experience) was founded in January of last year, and now has 15 employees and 20 clients.

“We’ve done this without any outside funding,” says Salem. “We’ve completely bootstrapped this business.” This AI chatbox text messaging can let any company give clients access to real-time information, and create a conversation with them. It’s not the future; it’s happening right now.