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Who, exactly, are the people making up Summit County?

The numbers can’t say everything about Summit County, but they can say a lot

This story is found in the 2018 edition of Milepost.

Park City and Summit County are very diverse: economically, ethnically and historically. There are multi-million-dollar ski lodges to the west, and horse properties to the east. Our rural valleys are the gateway to the high lakes mountains, with family farms and ranches supplanted by new homes and subdivisions. The towns of Francis, Kamas, Oakley, Coalville and Henefer on the East Side are seeing growth outside of Park City, as is Wasatch County to the south. It seems to be where everyone wants to be.

And for good reason. The summers are perfect, with moderate temperatures and afternoon rains, while the winters bring the deep snow and blue skies for which we are famous. Second homes and the resort economy subsidize our bus systems, recreation centers and outdoor lifestyles, and taxes are mostly low, but increasing to meet demands for schools, roads, and services. But everyone agrees on one thing: It’s just a great place to live, work, and visit.

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