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Split commission sides with Walmart

By Patrick Parkinson Of the Record staff

Wednesday the Summit County Commission voted 2-1 to allow Walmart on Landmark Drive to expand by nearly 60 percent with a 74-square-foot sign. The new Super Walmart will have a full-service grocery.

Summit County Commissioner Sally Elliott said she voted against expanding Walmart at Kimball Junction because the company isn’t required to follow the same rules as other businesses, which have to install smaller storefront signs.

"I can’t accept the sign," Elliott said before she cast the dissenting vote against Walmart. "We don’t need to have a big box with a big sign."

Signs at many businesses in the Snyderville Basin can only be 30 square feet, Summit County planner Kimber Gabryszak explained. "One item on which I will not give is the sign code and compliance," Elliott told Walmart representatives at the meeting at the Sheldon Richins Building. "That’s my bottom line."

Elliott is currently campaigning for seat A on the Summit County Council against Woodland Republican Bill Miles. Commissioners Bob Richer and Ken Woolstenhulme voted for the conditional use permit, which allows the store to expand from 71,844 to about 115,758 square feet.

"This is not a referendum on whether we like or don’t like Walmart. It is a matter of applying our code," Richer explained.