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Spring to do list for the yard and garden

FERTILIZE – take advantage of the natural moisture and soft ground – put down a slow-release, granular fertilizer or fertilizer stakes NOW.

CLEAN-UP – ‘fluff’ your flower beds, get rid of ugly stems and dead leaves, watch for the vegetative mounds on perennials – Don’t cut too close to those.

PRUNE – Cut back branches that broke off over the winter; get rid of unwanted branches, prune for shape and form. DO NOT prune flowering trees and shrubs until after they bloom especially Lilac, Crabapple and Honeysuckle!

ADD SOIL AMENDMENTS – Now is a great time to spread Gypsum, Soil Pep®, Sterilized Manure, Compost and Water Storing Granules.

SPRAY DEER REPELLENT– If you have Deer, Elk, Rabbits, spray Bulbs as soon as you see green and again when you see flowers – especially tulips! Also spray the tender new shoots of trees, shrubs, vines and flowers.

*SPRAY ‘SUCKER STOPPER’® – To combat Aspen and Cottonwood suckers, spray now while the new shoots are only 6-12" tall. You can also spray directly on pruned stems – read the instructions.

SEED – Broadcast Wildflower and Grass Seed before the beginning of June for flowers this season! Sow your Vegetable Seed.

CHECK YOUR STRINGS – To avoid strangling/choking balled and burlapped trees and shrubs, pull soil aside and check the base of the plants to make sure the strings have been cut and the burlap has been pulled away from the trunk – Strings kill big trees!

BE READY TO GAIN CONTROL OVER THE TIP WEAVIL – Put down Systemic Insecticide now. It takes a couple of weeks to work its way up from the roots. Spray for ‘boring type’ insects in May-June. Several applications will be more effective.

*CONTROL WEEDS – Start pulling and spraying early.


*for safety when spraying, always follow instructions on Product Labels

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