Star Bar will reopen for concerts in Park City |

Star Bar will reopen for concerts in Park City

Park City has a history with a venue called the Star Bar.

In the 1990s, the original Star Bar, located at 268 Main St., was owned by John Sutton. Throughout it’s existence, the venue featured live music and was rented out to the House of Blues Foundation.

After the Star Bar closed down a couple of years ago, the space was transformed into Club Sugar for last year’s Film Festival.

This year, the Star Bar will return under new ownership, just in time for Film Festival week, beginning Jan. 17, and its new owners, Allyson Peterson and Creighton Chun, have no intention of closing it down, said Mark Bensen, the Star Bar’s financier.

"I had the good fortune to work with a licensee who wanted to come up to Park City, and I was asked to assist in making that happen," Bensen said during an interview with The Park Record. "I identified the old Star Bar location and was able to strike a deal."

After checking on a name, Bensen discovered the Star Bar name was still available.

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"We were able to secure the name," he said.

Since Bensen also secured a long-term lease, he was willing to make the capital investment necessary to completely remodel the space.

That included dropping the floor down 30 inches, back to the original floor that was laid in 1987, before it was known as Mrs. Fields Cookie College, he said.

"That allowed us a great opportunity to segment out VIP spaces, as well as establish a tremendous flat floor before the stage was put in," Bensen said. "The capacity now sits at 520."

In addition to the stage, there are two new bars in the venue with four service stations apiece.

"We also have a JBL vertec line array sound system that a lot of major touring artists use," Bensen explained. "While we will never get to crank up the system all the way, the sound quality is so clear that the Star Bar is a great place to dance to DJ or house music or enjoy a live performances, whether it be an electric or acoustic set."

Opening night will be Thursday, Jan. 17.

"Bill Johnson, who was with the House of Blues Foundation and has opened up many Houses of Blues across the country, booked the concerts that will take us through the Sundance Film Festival," Bensen said.

The Star Bar Schedule during the Sundance Film Festival is as follows. All shows begin at 10 p.m.:

  • Thursday, Jan. 17 High Octane, New City Skyline and Matt Facciola Band
  • Friday, Jan. 18 Davina Leone, Matt Facciola Band and One Republic
  • Saturday, Jan. 19 DJ Tony O from the Ellen DeGeneres Show, Cameron Rafferty and Vintage Trouble
  • Sunday, Jan. 20 DJ Cisco Adler and Matisyahu
  • Monday, Jan. 21 New City Skyline and Courtney Love
  • Tuesday, Jan. 22 Rock Mafia and EC Twins
  • Wednesday, Jan. 23 Naughty Nature
  • Thursday, Jan. 24 Tommy Lee and DJ Arrow
  • Friday, Jan. 25 DJ Panama and Paul Oakenfold
  • Saturday, Jan. 26 Junior Marvin and Bob Marley’s Wailers

    "We had the good fortune to work with Bill who, through his relationships with artists and agents for the past 30 years, was able to book these great acts for Park City," Bensen said.

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