Stephanie Waters – South Summit District 5 |

Stephanie Waters – South Summit District 5

Stephanie Waters

South Summit District 5, Stephanie Waters

What are your qualifications and why are you running?

My education consists of graduating from South Summit High School in 1997, then moving on to obtain my Bachelor’s degree from Brigham Young University. I majored in School Health Education, with a minor in Drivers Education, and Psychology. I learned about the challenges in Utah schools, and how teaching can directly impact a child’s life. I never pursued a teaching job because of where life took me. I was involved in owning and starting a successful business with my husband. My responsibilities included budgets, payable, payroll, taxes, and many management responsibilities. I also obtained my Utah Real Estate License in 2005, which gave me experience working with people and being in the public eye. This experience will help in identifying and looking to upcoming growth in the community. I am also the mother of four children, three are currently attending South Summit. I have served in the classroom weekly for the last eight years. I was elected to serve on the South Summit Elementary Site Council from 2009 to 2012. I was elected President in 2012. I was also selected to be on the Community Council in the district helping to hire the new Superintendent.

What is your top priority and what changes would you like to help implement? Please be specific in your answer.

One priority that I think is important is parental involvement. When I was serving on the elementary Site Council and in classrooms. The biggest factor on a child’s success was the time parents spent with their child. This was very evident in observing, and I would like to see parents more closely involved in their child’s education. Technology is also a big factor in a child’s ability to succeed in the world today. The schools are doing a great job of implementing technology with iPads, and Smart Board and computer classes. But, technology is ever changing and always jumping forward so quickly. I think it is our responsibility to stay up to date, and continue teaching children with the latest technology.

In light of the shift in population around the district’s borders, what are your views on potentially changing the district boundaries?

The population growth in Utah is expected to double in the next 20 years. I feel the best way to handle that growth is not with boundary changes, but with planning for that growth. Growth gives us great opportunities. But, growth is always better if it is done with a plan. Zoning changes in eastern Summit County is also in the works, which will speed growth expediently. My knowledge and understanding of the county growth will help the district to put that growth plan into action. Although there will be growth, the biggest concern we have is the children and the quality of education they will be getting at South Summit.

What is your long-term vision for the district? Please be specific in you answer, addressing areas such as growth, curriculum and district performance.

South Summit is growing and expanding and will continue to do so. With my experience in real estate and property taxes, this helps me to look at where our future money and schools should be placed, and where that projected growth will be surrounding our boundaries. I am also, very involved in the construction community and understand budgets, profit and loss, and realistic cost of new buildings and expansion.

With limited financial resources, how can the district improve the education it offers students?

I feel we can always improve education, funds are usually always limited, but with very smart people we can still effectively provide a great education for our students. Some ideas would include smaller class size, technology within the school, and providing great resources and programs for our students.

How does your platform differ from that of your opponent?

I feel that my opponent and I are different in many ways including educational experiences, backgrounds, and service. Yet, although we are different in our thoughts and opinions. We both have the children’s education and best interest at the heart of our campaigns.

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