Steve Weinstein, Democrat |

Steve Weinstein, Democrat

1.The two entryways into Park City, S.R. 224 and S.R. 248, are under stress from traffic increases, with backups at Kimball Junction being especially worrisome to officials in Summit County and commuters. Please talk about your preferred solutions to the two entryways, with particular attention to how the expensive projects could be funded. (150 words)

Kimball Junction is a mess. Future growth will make things even worse. I would like to see a study done that would examine the possibility of adding a new exit that would feed the outlet mall and Wal-Mart area. I don’t know enough about the entire process, but if a new exit were built, there might be some funding available from UDOT. There is also the possibility of adding impact fees on new development to help pay for whatever solutions are needed.

2.Foreclosures are on the rise as real-estate sales slump in Summit County. How would you respond as a councilperson if faced next year with an economic recession? (150 words)

I believe the recession is here. The entire world is feeling the effects of a suffering economy. As a council member faced with guiding the fiscal policies of the county, my approach would be two fold. 1. Conservative toward spending and new projects. 2. Aggressive towards economic growth trying to attract new business and industry to the county.

3.You’re vying for a seat on the Summit County Council, which will replace the County Commission when it disbands in 2008. Voters decided to change the form of government and a significant difference will be the hiring of a county manager to fill the executive role. If elected you’d help decide who is hired as the manager and could help divvy up powers between the legislative and executive branches of government. Please discuss traits important in a manager. (150 words)

Hiring the right county manager is a very important decision that. The new manager will have to have a multitude of skills, ability and experience. When faced with choosing who will manage the county I will look for someone who can solve problems with sensitivity to the outcomes of the decisions that are made. An example of this idea is as follows. If the new manager is faced with having to terminate someone, that person would be out of work. It might be possible to give that person a second chance in another job. Every action has consequences. I want the new manager to be able to look at all aspects of all issues then decide.

4.The new Summit County Council will function as the legislative branch of government in Summit County. How is the role of a county councilperson different from a county manager, and what do you see as the positives and negatives of the five-member board versus the old three-member panel? (150 words)

5. Discuss your knowledge of the Utah Open and Public Meetings Act and explain whether you believe elected officials in Summit County regularly obey the law. When is it appropriate for the Summit County Council to close a meeting? (150 words)

My political experience is very limited. Up until now voting and watching CNN is all I can call my political record. I do believe transparency in government is very important. I think that all meetings should be open to the public. I do not however think they should all be open to public comment. I have nothing to hide. My opinions may not always be right or well received, but if I am an elected official, what I say and do should be out in the open.

6.Summit County was sued by a private competitor when it entered the water business by forming Mountain Regional Water Special Service District several years ago. Should officials have formed the public water provider? (150 words)

Water issues here in Utah are very complex. My knowledge of these issues is very limited. I cannot answer this question without more time to study and learn.

7.Significant changes are being discussed for the Eastern Summit County General Plan and Development Code. Some eastside’s claim the current zoning rules are too strict and prevent them from benefiting economically from the development of their land. Others say most development should occur in cities and rigid codes are necessary in unincorporated Summit County to preserve its rural flavor. What is your vision for residential and commercial development in eastern Summit County? (150 words)

I live in Kamas. My vision for growth and development on this side of the county is one of moderation. I am certainly not against growth. I make my living as a general contractor. I would like to see lessons learned from what has happened in the Park City area. A balance of logic and sensitivity to the issues and the environment will go a long way to allowing property owners to benefit from growth but not forcing other residents to suffer from over development.

8.The Summit County Commission has debated whether to allow Wal-Mart at Kimball Junction to expand into a Wal-Mart Super center. How would you vote if asked to expand the store by about 60 percent and are there any areas of Summit County where other big-box retailers would be appropriate? (150 words)

I think there are areas of the county that are suitable for big-box retail. The Home Depot area would be a great spot for a business like a Costco. The area at the I-80 & 40 junction and possibly along the frontage road by the concrete plants might also be suitable. With regard to the expansion of the Wal-Mart, I’m not sure that an expansion of that size is appropriate. I might support some increase of size depending upon projections of increased traffic impacts and other issues.

9. How do you differ from your opponent.

I don’t see David Ure as an opponent. I think we are just two guys who are applying for a job. The voters are the hiring committee. David has years & years of political experience and I have none. What I do bring to the job is a fresh perspective and a willing attitude. I come with an open mind and no bias. My professional life as a general contractor causes me to make many decisions on a daily basis and develop creative solutions. I have self-financed my entire campaign, spending a grand total of $360. Others have spent many thousands. I have offered to serve for $1.50 a year. I would come to this job seeking only to serve the community and its best interests. I am beholding to no one and seek no personal compensation, doing the job well should be reward enough. If these attitudes and attributes are appealing to you as the hiring committee then I hope to report to work and do the best I can. Thank you for your support.

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