Stretch of sewer staff shed supported |

Stretch of sewer staff shed supported


When the recession began, the plans of many were flushed down the toilet. That included Summit County’s West-Side sewer experts, who were planning major renovations to two plants in 2009.

They were forced to postpone the work indefinitely. So instead, the Snyderville Basin Water Reclamation District is taking small steps to make do until projected growth returns perhaps in three years, said district general manager Mike Luers.

"We will be spending additional funds to maintain systems that we would otherwise have replaced," he explained Thursday.

The most recent proposal, approved by the Summit County Council on Wednesday, is a storage shed expansion in Jeremy Ranch.

At the East Canyon Water Reclamation Facility about a quarter-mile off Interstate 80, a large shed used for storing machinery and equipment to maintain waste-water lines will be enlarged. Special permission was needed to build the roof flush with the rest of the building since height restrictions have been modified in recent years.

Another example of piecemeal improvements is a replacement of Programmable Logic Controllers at the Silver Creek facility. They would have been installed in the renovation, but since the project will take several years to complete once it does begin several years from now, it made sense to spend the $150,000 now, he said.

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When growth projections make the renovations financially viable, the Silver Creek plant will be done first, instead of both facilities done together, Luers said.

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