Student council promotes service |

Student council promotes service

Caroline Kingsley, The Park Record

A group of Parley’s Park Elementary School students helped to amp up participation in Friday’s Live PC Give PC by asking the Summit County Council to officially designate the day.

The Parley’s Park Elementary School Student Council took the initiative to draft a resolution declaring Nov. 16 Summit County’s Day of Giving. The students presented the resolution to the Summit County Council on Wednesday, Nov. 14, each reading a portion.

The community had already been practicing the concept, through the Live PC Give PC campaign, which encouraged residents to donate to their favorite non-profit during a 24-hour fund drive.

"The vision of the Live PC Give PC campaign is a community where everybody who lives, works and plays here in Summit County gives back to a non-profit they appreciate because it enriches their lives," Park City Foundation Executive Director Trisha Worthington said.

"One of the great outcomes of the Live PC Give PC campaign is that it has provided us a platform to talk to our kids and community about programs, about giving back, about service and about what a non-profit is and how they enrich our lives," she added.

Worthington thanked the teachers and parents who incorporated the Live PC Give PC message into the Parley’s Park Student Council curriculum, and thanked the student council for taking the time to learn about the resolution writing process.

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Councilmember John Hanrahan also thanked the students for the time, energy and effort put into the resolution.

"It’s a great idea," he said. "I think it’s really going to help with the goals you have of increasing people’s awareness of this. Everybody on this council works on at least one, and in most cases several, non-profit boards. And a lot of people here have worked for different non-profits, too. So this is near and dear to all of our hearts as well."

Council Chair Dave Ure emphasized the importance service is to the survival of the community.

"If we had more organizations like this, if we had more days of giving service like this, you would need much less government," Ure said. "That’s basically what we’re for. When people like you take the initiative, it makes our job much, much easier."

The County Council unanimously approved the resolution.