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David Lambert Park Record intern

The Super Bowl, America’s most official unofficial holiday, is now over and in case you missed it, the Pittsburg Steelers defeated the Seattle Seahawks 21 to 10. Pittsburg fans are on top of the world. Seattle fans are in a state of depression.

The Super Bowl is usually just a game between two teams, which allows fans of the winning team bragging rights for the next year. This year, however, it was different. It wasn’t just about the Steelers beating the Seahawks, it was the steel workers beating up the geeks all over America.

Sound strange? Let me explain. During the weeks leading up to the big game there is constant comparison between the two teams; who has the better offense, defense, quarterback, kicker and so on. This year, the media seemed to care less about football and more about comparing the two cities.

These are two very different cities playing to call their team world champions. Same game, but everything about the team, town and people are different.

The Emerald City versus the Steel city, Latte’s versus beer, Salmon steaks versus bratwurst, people who make their living off of Microsoft versus people who make it from steel mills.

The two teams’ playing styles are as different as the cities, Pittsburg relies on a pounding running game and physical defense, while Seattle runs on carefully calculated plays.

The game basically came down to white collar geeks versus blue collar jocks, with the geeks finally getting an opportunity to beat the jocks at what they do best – play the rough and brutal sport of football. It was a battle between two natural enemies; nerds versus jocks, brains versus brawn, David versus Goliath. And, for once, the nerds had a chance to defeat the jocks in the most physical sport of them all.

But they blew it. And as always, the jocks came out on top in the world of sports.

A match-up like this doesn’t come around too often. Seattle and Pittsburg are arguably the two most diverse big cities in the U.S, with very different people living in them and two great, but very different, football teams. The result, however, remains the same.

So, sorry to all of you latte drinking, vegetarian, computer programmers out there, once again the beer drinking, sausage eating steelworkers have outdone you in the sport of football.

Maybe some day the two cities will meet in another Super Bowl and computer nerds will finally have their chance to take over sports as well as everything else, but until then they will have to go back to ruling the world from their laptops while the people who beat them up in high school, but work for them now, can still smirk about how the city that represents them best, can take on the city that represents their bosses best and win. What do you think? Students, The Park Record has its own blog for students to shout out how the feel about "Student to Student" or any other topic. Join the cyber-realm today at

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