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Student to Student

Spring break is here and it seems like almost everyone who has a few days off from school has plans.

The destinations of choice range from Florida, Mexico, Austria and Hawaii to Park City Mountain Resort. It’s no rush to leave Park City, it’s just a relief to get out of school and do something else for a week.

As we progress closer and closer to graduation, many students are wanting to finish high school as soon as possible. "I am so done with school" has become a favorite phrase for communicating this feeling.

In fact, a few students are actually planning on completing high school early.

Previously, "senioritis" has been a term that refers to the condition of seniors who are sick of school and anxious to graduate and move on with their lives.

Recently, however, there has been a high incidence of premature senioritis among juniors and in even younger grades.

It’s not that school is actually so terrible, but after a while, students just begin to tire of it. It feels like the same thing every day: pushing through crowded remnants of long, half-demolished hallways that lead to endless lectures, assignments, tests, projects, quizzes, and homework. Repeatedly, students dream of escape.

The irony is that after high school, both the options of higher education and career, while different from high school, very often become their own version of monotony after a while.

Plans, schedules, repetition, it appears that this is life. To some extent, people need the comfort of having an established pattern in life.

However, this comfort can easily become tiresome. That is why, in order to maintain sanity, it is important to appreciate small things in each day and to take a break every now and then.

What a wonderful system we have from lunch breaks, and weekends, to holidays, and vacations. It’s great to have these exciting little interludes as variation from our repetitive schedules in order to refresh ourselves.

Right now, as you read this column, I am taking advantage of one of these opportunities for refreshment.

As I soak up the South Carolina sunshine and splash into the sparkling Atlantic Ocean, I’m thinking life is pretty sweet.

Hopefully, after my vacation, I will return home feeling rejuvenated and ready to finish off the rest of the school year. After that, I will have the whole summer break to relax and maybe even get bored enough that I will actually be excited to come back to school next fall. Maybe.

For now, I will enjoy my vacation, and then I will deal with the rest of life.

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